When Will I Need Ski Insurance Cover?

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by David Tamplin on 7 Jan, 2013

Whilst the summer holiday is a quintessential British tradition, not everyone seeks sun and sand on their trip away. Winter holidays take travellers to colder climates and give them the chance to try their hand at new sports such as skiing – but such activities are not without their risks.

The nature of these sports mean impact and accidents are fairly common; although thankfully not always severe. Protecting yourself during a winter break is therefore essential but just when will you need ski insurance cover?

Medical emergencies

When Will I Need Ski Insurance Cover? 2

The first and perhaps most common instance when you’ll need ski insurance is if you suffer injury or illness whilst away. Standard travel insurance policies provide protection for common accidents but high risk sports such as skiing are not always covered.

This is why seeking appropriate cover through dedicated policies is essential. You should always look for a company which offers comprehensive financial protection for medical expenses as well as dedicated medical support and access to a 24 hour helpline. After all, you need to protect more than just your wallet.

Searching for travel insurance skiing is the easiest way to find a suitable policy but it is important that you check any exclusions or limitations carefully. Most policies, even those specifically designed for skiers, may place a limit on the number of claims you can make or the combined value of these claims.

Additionally, you may find your policy invalidated if you fail to wear the appropriate safety equipment when on the slopes or undertake riskier winter activities such as speed skating or snow biking. Even skiing off piste can affect the validity of your cover so look for a firm who offers a dedicated winter sports policy such as Direct Travel.

Faulty or damaged equipment

Whilst protecting your health should be your main priority when seeking a ski insurance policy it is not the only thing which needs protecting. You can’t take to the slopes without the appropriate equipment so it is vital that you protect this from damage.

Most dedicated policies will provide cover for your equipment up to a certain limit. This means that in the event that your gear is found to be faulty or damaged you can replace it without any disruption to your finances.

Loss or theft of belongings

Damage is not the only thing you have to be wary of when on a winter break though – theft and loss are also major concerns.

Most policies which protect equipment from damage will also include protection from loss and theft as part of the cover too. This may also be extended to cover any personal possessions you have with you and even items such as lift passes may be covered under the policy.

Essentially, there are numerous occasions when you’ll need ski insurance whilst taking a winter break and with both single and annual policies available there is sure to be something suitable for your budget and situation.

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