Tips For Creating A Holiday Budget

Tips For Creating A Holiday Budget

by David Tamplin on 11 Jan, 2013

Money can be a controversial subject when it comes to holidays – your primary concern is to enjoy yourself so the discussion of money can be a bit of a sore point. But, budget is important so if you work out your budget before you go, there will hopefully be no nasty surprise bills when you arrive home. Whether you are going on an all-inclusive holiday to Cancun or self-catering in Cyprus, there is always an option to save here and there. With so many holidays available online, the key thing is to do your research.

Plan ahead

Tips For Creating A Holiday Budget

This will always save you stress and money later in the year. Although many people don’t always like to plan too far ahead, it’s better to estimate when would be best and book the time off. Always read the policy small print for the agent or airline you book with in case you do wish to make changes. Also booking in advance means you can start saving and ensure all budget is in place before you leave. 


Sometimes the obvious money-saving choice of self-catering is not always going to be cheapest. It’s best to do some research into what the average price of a meal is in the country that you are visiting then multiply that by the number of meals you plan on eating. You would be surprised how much money you can save by going all-inclusive or half board. The most important thing is to be realistic, this way you won’t be shocked by your holiday spend.


Take advantage of as many offers as possible. For example, many holidays will offer discounted prices for local attractions or car hire. If Tips For Creating A Holiday Budgetyou think this is something you will most likely want to use, then put some research into it and see how much you can save by taking the offer. A number of travel agents will offer 2 for 1 on ski carriage or hire; most will know ski holidays don’t come cheap so look for the offers and see what you can save.

Budgeting Tools and Apps

Tips For Creating A Holiday BudgetThere are a number of online tools and apps available to help you keep track of your spending and savings. There are some tools which you manually put your spending/saving into, but some others can connect directly to your bank account allowing you to group your spending and savings, tracking every last penny. Of course you can stick to good old excel and make your own document and graphs if you feel uneasy about the app connecting to your bank details.

There are a wide variety of travel agents and websites offering a multitude of holiday packages – put some effort into the research and be realistic about your spending and you could be jetting off on a stress-free holiday.

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