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MY 13 VAN: Registration Unlucky For Some?

by Paul Forrest on 31 Aug, 2012

Superstitious motorists hoping that the UK Government may extend the vehicle licence plate ‘62’ registration, about to be introduced from the 1st September 2012, for another six months, thereby avoiding the need to purchase vehicles with a ’13’ registration, are going to be out of luck. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is to […]

How To Get The Best Van Insurance

by Simon Carter on 24 Aug, 2012

As the old advert says, vans are the backbone of the country. They are essential for couriers, tradesmen and retailers and without them, the country could find itself on its knees. But the cost of owning, hiring and running vans has risen considerably in the last few years, with the cost of insurance one of […]

Compare Business Van Insurance Online And Get The Best Deal

Compare Business Van Insurance Online And Get The Best Deal

Many vans are used for commercial purposes, which is why companies provide competitive insurance to make it that bit easier for you to bag the best deal. The good news is van insurance doesn’t have to be expensive, regardless of whether you use your vehicle solely for business or for personal use. If you compare […]