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The Best Travel Insurance for Pregnant Women

by Simon Carter on 2 Apr, 2014

We have spoken before on UK Money Market about the importance of travel insurance and how to find the best cheap travel insurance. Like any insurance, travel insurance is something that you hope you will never need but it is an important safety net in case of disaster and is invaluable should anything threaten to […]

Best Ski Insurance Recommendations

by Simon Carter on 4 Oct, 2012

Travel insurance is always important, no matter where you travel, as the unexpected disasters that strike can ruin your holiday and your finances if you don’t have adequate protection. Unfortunately not everybody takes travel insurance, instead placing their hopes firmly in the ‘everything will be OK’ corner, and a lot of the time, thankfully, everything […]

Top Tips on The Best Value Travel Insurance

Many people take a holiday to relax – to trade the daily pressures and stresses of life for a cocktail or two on the beach. But whatever you choose to do on your holidays, you’ll have no chance of being completely worry-free unless you take out adequate travel insurance. Considering how cheap travel insurance can […]

Travel Insurance – Do Your Homework Before You Leave.

Travel Insurance – Do Your Homework Before You Leave.

You’re on holiday and you’ve hired a bicycle to explore the coast on a gloriously sunny afternoon in Costa Del Sol. It’s been a perfect holiday until you’re knocked off by one of the locals in his “go-faster” mini cooper. Having broken your leg and been rushed to hospital, it’s about now that you start […]