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Making Your Money Go Further In 2013

Making Your Money Go Further In 2013

by David Tamplin on 1 Feb, 2013

As the fireworks and celebrations of New Year’s pass, it’s time for many people to start thinking about finances for 2013. Times are still tough economically and after the big expense of Christmas, the year’s early months need to be conducted on a tight budget. So for any households that have put money on the […]

Five Ways To Control Your Finances

by David Redmond on 25 Oct, 2012

Sometimes payday does not stretch far enough and unexpected expenses mean more monthly outgoings than incomes. Finding solutions to these financial worries is highly important – and here are five tips to help. Cutting down or switching brands Unnecessary expenditures are one of the main causes of running into debt. There are some luxuries that […]

How to Choose the Best ISA - Cash or Stocks?

How to Choose the Best ISA – Cash or Stocks?

If you are in the process of developing a savings plan for yourself or your family and have not started to utilize an ISA yet, it is something you should strongly consider. An ISA provides significant advantages over most standard savings programs, most importantly that any returns you make from the fund are paid tax-free. […]

Investing Money vs. Saving Money

Investing Money vs. Saving Money

It’s a question that plagues anyone with a substantial amount of money to their name. Should I invest or save? Which way you go depends on the overall financial climate, your motivations and your personal temperament. Saving is the safe option. This is particularly true since the government introduced its guarantee. As long as you […]