Student: Your Guide To A Money-Saving (but fun) Lifestyle

Student: Your Guide To A Money-Saving (but fun) Lifestyle

by David Tamplin on 8 Feb, 2013

Get the phone you want

The phone you use can shape not only your image, but your social life too. Whether it’s being part of the latest app-lovers group or being able to like and share the internet’s funniest images, your phone can help you get involved. If the financial side of getting a new phone is a worry, you could consider trading in your old model with a company like and putting the money towards a more modern phone. This is an even better opportunity if your parents brought your old phone for you before they waved you off to uni – it’ll be like getting a free discount on your brand new handset! If you feel a little guilty about trading in the phone your parents lovingly picked out for you, remember that recycling your handset with this type of company is good for the environment!

Get your fashion fix sorted

Student: Your Guide To A Money-Saving (but fun) Lifestyle For those unashamed shopaholics out there, free money awaits! Cashback sites pay their customers with the money they earn for directing business to a retailer – basically meaning free money for making the purchases you would have made anyway!


Get carried away

We’re referring to travel expenses of course, and more specifically, how to drive them down. There are a range of travel cards you can get your hands on that’ll have you saving each time you make the journey home, go on a uni-related trip, or simply go exploring around your new part of the country. The 16-25 Railcard is one option that gets you a third off train journeys across the UK. Also be sure to ask about special student fares when you hop on a bus.

Get cooking

Student: Your Guide To A Money-Saving (but fun) Lifestyle You may be tempted to visit all the exciting eateries in your new city, but that’s a sure-fire way to end up broke. As the Independent suggests, buy your ingredients in bulk and cook from scratch. Aside from being less expensive, cooking for yourself is rewarding, fun and healthier than buying ready meals.

Work and save, while spending…

If you’re pretty much loyal to just one retail chain, why not get a job there while you study? The Independent explains that staff discounts could see you get up to 50 per cent off your purchases with some stores.

Get knowledgeable about bank accounts

Doing your research before committing to opening a student account at one bank or other is sure to pay off. As Save the Student points out, banks target students more than any other demographic, so use this to your advantage. To find out more about how to choose an account, click here.

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