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Best Ways To Save Money

The importance of saving up is drummed into many of us from a young age, but while a piggy bank may have been sufficient when you were 10, there are many better ways to save once you’re ready to take it seriously. Read more about the best ways to save money.

What Are The Best Fixed Savings Rates?

With interest rates at an all-time low, saving money has never been less lucrative. One way that you can boost your savings is with a fixed rate saving account; however to do this you must be prepared to put your money away and forget about it for a while. More on the best fixed savings rates here.

Switching to better savings accounts

There are many good reasons for switching to better savings accounts, but most people stick with whichever bank or building society they hold a current account with.

Different Types of Current Account

Different people want different things from their bank account and there are many different types of current account. For some, what counts is the interest they’ll make on their money; for others, it’s an affordable overdraft facility; and for others, it’s the ‘extras’ they get when they sign up to an account.

Best Online Saving Account v Traditional Bank Account

In the internet age, many people with money to save are turning to ‘online only’ savings accounts instead of the traditional high street saving accounts with their bank. But for some, questions still remain around the safety of their money, while others aren’t sure how online only accounts differ to in-branch accounts and most don’t know where to start when looking for the best deal. Read about choosing the best online saving account.

Budgeting and managing your money

Budgeting and managing your money during 2011 is going to be challenging. With VAT having risen from 17.5% to 20% at the beginning of January, and many of the Government’s cuts hitting us from the start of the new tax year in April, it’s the financially savvy who stand more chance of surviving.

Junior ISAs Launch on 1st November 2011

The new Junior ISAs launche on 1st November 2011 and the government has confirmed a 20% rise in the expected limit, from £3,000 to £3,600.

Getting the Best Savings Account Rates

Anyone who has taken even the most cursory of looks at current savings account rates will know that it is not a saver’s market. Make sure you’re getting the best savings account rates.

How to Use Online Savings Accounts

Online savings accounts have become ubiquitous with the explosion of internet banking. Often offering a far better interest rate than traditional savings accounts, they also offer unprecedented easy access to your savings.

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