Travelling Within the UK – Using the Railways Could Save You Money

by David Redmond on 21 Sep, 2012

With vast numbers of people travelling across the UK every day, solid transport networks are vital. For some time, it became the choice of business people travelling throughout the UK to hop on a cheap flight whenever they could. If a flight wasn’t available, they’d jump in the car instead. But times are changing and rail networks are once again becoming the most popular mode of transport in the UK for long distance journeys. Let’s take a quick look at the reasons behind the shift.

Oil prices are rising

The BBC reports that Brent crude oil prices are now at a four month high, having risen for the eighth consecutive session. Needless to say, the rise in the price of oil is making it more expensive for people to travel by car or plane. While the price of fuel is no stranger to a little fluctuation, experts see little reason to expect the price to fall in coming months as tensions between Iran and Israel continue to have sizeable implications for the availability of Iranian oil to the West.

As prices rise for travellers looking to go by air or road to their destination, it is making increasing sense for travellers to use the railways. Budget airlines are no longer able to offer the fares that lured business people to their side some years ago, whereas there is a tight leash being kept on train fares.


Even when travelling within the UK, airports can actually seem an obstacle between you and your destination. The crowds are vast and slow moving and security remains strict. If you are lucky enough to manoeuvre your way through to your departure lounge in good time, it’s not uncommon to find a flight delayed or even cancelled.

The vast train network provides travellers with a myriad of alternative routes, should their own be subject to delays. Passengers are brought right into the city centre, where they can breeze through to the streets without passing through customs gates or luggage retrieval.

Even international travel can be made easier by train thanks to the high-speed Eurostar connections which join the UK with the European mainland. Not only are these train fares affordable but many companies offer strong promises that ensure you don’t miss your connection. Should a train be delayed you will be guaranteed a seat on the next available connection so that your journey is not interrupted – something air travel fails to offer. This assurance is applied to both domestic trains and Eurostar connections travelling Europe on both your inbound and outbound journey.

Improved networks

Recent investment in rail has seen dramatic improvements across the entire country. Now it is easier than ever for passengers to find their way between the Highlands and the capital city, eyeing the wonderful views throughout the entire journey. Never before has there been more comfortable and enjoyable cheap train travel.

While a journey all the way through the country is a great opportunity to get on with a little work, passengers may be surprised by the travel times. Improvements to routes have meant a great deal more direct routes which means faster train travel from A to B.

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