Bargain Hunting: The Building Blocks To Avoiding Debt

Bargain Hunting: The Building Blocks To Avoiding Debt

by Rebecca Hall on 4 Jun, 2012

Most people love a bargain and never more so than when they are trying to survive on a tight budget.

This is one of the reasons why discount sites have suddenly sprung up all over the internet, offering consumers cut price deals so that they can treat themselves without breaking the bank.

However, some discount sites have come under scrutiny as they have been accused of breaking advertising rules and misleading customers about the extent of its offers. As a result, The Office of Fair Trading has told these sites to clean up their acts.

One of the most popular discount voucher sites immediately published a public apology and explained how it was going to address the problems that its customers had experienced in the past. One of the new features it hopes to unveil is a calendar which will allow customers to book slots for the services and facilities they have purchased. One common complaint had been that it was almost impossible to get an appointment for the deal which had been snapped up. This new tool should resolve the problem.

Many of these discount voucher sites haven’t been in existence for very long, but have grown dramatically in recent years – so it is perhaps little wonder that they have experienced some teething problems. And despite some of their difficulties, they have brought some significant bargains to cash-strapped homes.

When money is in short supply, it is always a good idea to reconsider how you spend your cash and to look for different ways in which to get the best possible deal. This might mean switching between supermarkets to hunt down the best offers or even going online to compare prices. Brits are notoriously reluctant to change suppliers at renewal, despite the significant savings available from alternative providers for services such as insurance and utilities.

If you are trying to adopt a more budget-friendly approach to your lifestyle, here are 5 reasons why discount sites could help you live more frugally…

1) You can still enjoy a social life
You may want to save money or spend more economically, but it doesn’t mean that you have to stay at home and ban social activities. On many sites you can get fantastic discounts at restaurants that can slash your bill significantly. Not having to pay full price for a meal in a nice restaurant will always taste much sweeter.

2) Quality family time without spending a fortune
Family days out can be pretty costly which means they’re often one of the first things that families cut down on when cash is low. If you do want to do something more than a trip to the park, get online and check out what discounts are available. You could find great deals on admissions to theme parks, zoos, adventure grounds and a host of other attractions. Make sure you take your own refreshments and packed lunch and you’ll save even more money.

3) Pamper yourself without feeling guilty
Everyone deserves a treat now and then so if you do feel you’ve worked hard at saving cash and would like to treat yourself to a massage or a facial, a discount site could help you find a great deal at a reputable salon.

4) Creative gifts without a creative price tag
Looking for a special gift for a loved one on a limited budget? Discount sites are full of reasonably priced gift ideas – including overnight stays in beautiful hotels or day spa retreats.

5) Great deals on services
One of the great things about discount sites is the variety they offer. You can find great deals from everything from mobile phones to make up!

This article was contributed by Baines & Ernst – a specialist company helping people get out of debt since 1996.

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Rebecca Hall worked as an independent mortgage adviser for 10 years before turning to financial journalism full time. She has strong links to the CAB advising families on mortgage refinancing.