The Rise of the Master Bedroom Suite

The Rise of the Master Bedroom Suite

by Caleb James on 22 Sep, 2011

The master bedroom suite is a relatively new concept but is gaining popularity. In short, this is about changing your main bedroom and ensuite bathroom into a mini suite or flat if you like. It’s a small home within a home; somewhere to relax, a get-away from the hustle of the main house and of course, daily personal routines.

We lead busy lives and more of us work at home in part or full time. The internet has enabled the work at home lifestyle to flourish, which is great, but can also lead to home becoming a work place too. Our home can be busy with children doing their thing or our partners ruling the TV remote or the music choice.

All of this has changed the way we view our traditional bedrooms. The master bedroom suite can be the way forward to a more tranquil life. Every morning and evening, we follow the same routines of showering, shaving, applying make up, brushing our teeth, dressing/undressing and using the toilet. Often, husband and wife could be competing for the basin or shower, for example and so the master bedroom suite has emerged. It can reduce any friction or stress arising by doubling the facilities; two basins, two mirrors, two toilets and even two showers or a communal showering area. This is great because there is no waiting for the other person to finish their routines and avoiding any added stress. Similarly, the clothes closet is doubled so allowing his and hers dressing areas and clothes storage.


The master bedroom suite isn’t, however, limited to the daily chores. Many other additions are being installed for the ultimate rest and relaxation room. Common additional facilities are large widescreen TVs and sound systems, coffee makers, mini kitchens, laundry areas and even wet-bars. Other popular choices are to dedicate a part of the suite as a mini gym and work out area. In fact a friend of mine has just taken delivery of his and hers treadmills, sitting side by side, to encourage both of them to exercise.

Apart from the twin showers being the essential ‘must have’ in the suite, larger and deeper baths with water jets for luxury and massage are increasingly popular. You can take this further by making it a ‘garden tub’ that adds a large window to view the outside world. For ultimate luxury, add under floor heating and heated toilet seats! Of course, all this can be incorporated into a massive wet room suite and be further extended with spa or steam treatment rooms, if your budget will allow. Double beds too are increasing in size and king size beds are becoming the norm. Naturally, you will have individual alarm clocks, reading lights and other accessories.

Of course, one possible objection to this grand idea is that you simply don’t have space in your current layout at home. A great solution is to utilise your loft space. Over recent years, the planning regulations have been substantially reduced and it may be that you don’t need any planning permission. The government website for this is and is a good first port of call. However, don’t forget that it is always the homeowners responsibility to abide by the law and it is always recommended to speak to your local council’s planning department just to be on the safe side.

Now that you have all the ideas for a home inside your own home, how does it look as far as a financial investment is concerned? Redmodeling magazine issued a ‘Cost vs Value Report’ and concluded that 71 per cent of the cost is recouped in a master bedroom suite investment. So maybe a new master bedroom suite is your next project?

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