Simple DIY Tips to Increase the Value of Your Property

by Stephen Jones on 28 Sep, 2012

Forget you ever heard about a loft conversion; your garage doesn’t need to become a spare room. Yes, these methods will ultimately boost the value of your house but the effort spent can be spared via much more cost-effective methods. New carpets and floor-planks have very little effect on the overall value according to surveys conducted by the RICS and in the current economical climate, these handy tips could be all you need:

A Patio

Simple yet effective; creating extra seating spaces in the garden can do wonders to a home’s value and it’s very easy on the eye. It becomes an extra talking point and a lovely place to relax and have a reserved meal with the family and guests.

Exterior Makeover

An obvious way to pull potential buyers into your house is to attract them from the outside either by repainting the exterior walls or ensuring any weeds are removed. It might be a good idea to get the front door refurbished as well. Guttering is an issue too and making sure that the house looks healthy from the outside can only bode well for what’s to be found inside.

Cabinets and Counters

These simple appliances are usually ignored when it comes to improving the home. A simple lick of paint, a tweak to the hinges or even a quick de-cluttering can improve house value. Essentially, the kitchen is the most important room of the house and will garner a lot of attention so pay specific attention to counter-surfaces, the space within and general appearance. It’s advisable to install an under the counter kitchen bin if you haven’t already. This will free up additional floor space.


Storage space is strongly desired so ensure the house is equipped with enough cupboards, wardrobes and an attic. Adding a simple storage unit or building one can do wonders and gives the specific room a spacious and open feel.


Windows can prove to be something of a stumbling block as they don’t necessarily need to be changed. It’s important to ensure that they match up with the tone and layout of your interior design though and this can be something to discuss with your local friendly estate agent perhaps.

It’s important to contact an experienced estate agent before making any decisions; the simple reason being that they’re able to tell you what buyers in your current area will be looking for and whether or not your ‘improvements’ will matter if and when you decide to sell.

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