Increasing Your Property Value Through Simple Redecorating Tasks

by Paul Forrest on 14 Jun, 2012

You may be looking to sell your house; or maybe renting out a property; or perhaps thinking ahead to a time in the future when it is likely be more advantageous to sell. Increasing your property value through simple redecorating tasks is a sound investment idea.

Most people, when considering how to increase their property value, may look to major construction projects, such as a loft conversion, sideways extension or adding a conservatory to the rear of the property. While it is true that any of these may add value, they all involve a considerable capital outlay.

Any increase in value of the property following such work will still be restricted by the value of similar properties in the neighbourhood. So any real return on the investment may turn out to be long term.

There are, however, a number of smaller, less costly improvements that can lead to a significant increase in the value of the property.

The first thing to address is how the property looks from the outside; first impressions last. A tidy front garden with a splash of colour by way of some easily maintained plants or bushes will give the potential buyer or estate agent a positive impression. Paths free of weeds, a well-maintained gate and fencing to match will all help. External masonry should be kept in good repair and freshly painted.

Tired old curtains should be replaced; maybe by some new roller blinds or Venetian blinds in order to keep up appearances. The front door should be free of blemishes and the paintwork should be well kept.

It is also important for the interior of the property to be well decorated. It is always a good idea to make sure that walls are painted in white, off-white or neutral shades. This will reflect the light well and make the rooms look bigger; it will also be easier for potential buyers to imagine painting over the walls with their own choice of colours.

Little things can make all the difference to those viewing the property; old light switches and power sockets can be replaced with shiny new fittings with the minimum of effort and expense. Replacing conventional light switches with dimmer switches can be very effective.

More people these days are working from home. Some companies encourage their employees to carry out as much work as possible from the comfort of their own home. This can be beneficial in many ways, for instance, working from home can simplify childcare arrangements.

There is also an increase in self employed workers; the decline of employment in many of the professions has led to managers who have been laid off starting up their own businesses as consultants.

Technological advances in communications, including the web explosion, over recent years, have made working from home a pleasant and realistic alternative to commuting.

As comfortable as you may be sitting in your threadbare armchair cradling your laptop computer on your knees, or at that old wooden desk with the drawers falling out, when it’s time to impress potential buyers, you need to replace that worn-out furniture.

The home office has become an integral fixture of the 21st century home; it can also be a strong selling point in a buyer’s market. Home office furniture can be sourced from a number of reputable suppliers and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. The Range has a fantastic selection of affordable home office furniture to update any tired office, Laptop tables can be purchased for less than £20. So even if you are on a tight budget, you can afford to make your home office look very presentable.

So whether you are wishing to put your house up for sale right now, or would rather wait until the market picks up, increasing your property value through simple redecorating tasks is possible for anyone, without great expense, but with a little imagination.

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