The Best Property Investments You Should Consider

best property investments

by David Tamplin on 3 Mar, 2014

Why is property a good investment?

In the current economic climate people are obviously looking for sensible ways to invest their money. But what are the types of investment with significantly lower risks involved? One of the safest is property investment. Not only can you usually expect value growth in the long term, but you can also receive a steady rental return on buy-to-let properties.

Business, stock, pension and commodity investments have been plagued with uncertainty in recent years. For many, a property portfolio is the best way to invest their money, as it gives them peace of mind that they can earn money from renting the property out and have a wide range of options available for them to increase the value of their property. These include renovation and extension.

What type of property is the best to invest in?

Now you know why property investment is a good choice, you are no doubt eager to learn the best property investments to make. One option is to purchase a house that has received less than adequate care at a low price and renovate and restore it to its former glory and value. A substantial profit can be made, but renovating a property takes careful planning and expertise. If DIY isn’t your forte, consider making a project partnership with someone in the building and decorating trade.

A profitable alternative would be to purchase a buy-to-let property in close proximity to a university. Renting student accommodation is a sound business move, because there is constant demand for quality student houses and a fresh influx of students every year. Remember to purchase landlord insurance and perform maintenance and safety checks when needed. The student accommodation market always thrives and is one of the best forms of property investment available.

What do you need to invest in property?

First, seek some independent professional advice. The property investment market is not something to be entered into lightly, so conduct a little research and get some quality guidance. Buy a property in a region where the market is strong. It is also important to get a good deal on a loan or mortgage.

Again, a little market research will help you to find the perfect loan or mortgage to suit your financial circumstances and investment needs. If you are considering a buy-to-let property it is also a wise move to look into letting agents in your area who offer their services at a competitive price.

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