How to Find Independent Pensions Advice

How to Find Independent Pensions Advice

by David Redmond on 21 Jan, 2011

Pensions are one of the most difficult areas of managing your money to find good advice on. Unfortunately, your pension is also one of the most complicated aspects of personal finance, meaning good independent pensions advice is absolutely necessary to ensure a long and happy retirement.

The guiding principles of finding good independent pensions advice are much the same as finding good independent advice for any other area of personal finance. Take in as much as you can from as many sources as you can so that you become more personally educated on what’s out there, if not on all the finer points. Try and find as many independent sources of pensions advice as you can.

Although it is worth researching individual pensions providers, the only information they will offer you will be based on their products, so you won’t be getting a full overview of the market.

Websites such as this one will give you a much wider overview of what’s out there than individual pensions providers will, however the details on all the packages will be best obtained from them.

Make sure that wherever you get your advice from, they are regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). If they are, they will display this on every piece of written communication they have with you, similarly, most organisations in the finance markets that are not regulated by the FSA will clearly state this on their communications.

Being regulated by the FSA means that there will be certain restrictions on what they can and cannot do or say. These restrictions are designed to protect you, so look out for this.

You may also wish to consider talking to an Independent Financial Adviser. If you do, make sure they have no industry tie-ins so they won’t be trying to plug you products from a particular company.

The best advice on finding pensions advice is the same as with any other area of personal finance: do as much research as you can yourself, and talk to experts who are not affiliated with any particular provider. If you do talk to particular providers, speak to as many as possible and don’t commit to anything on the spot.

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