Best Ways To Invest Money

Best Ways To Invest Money

The recession may not have hit you personally. However, the increase in financial uncertainty may have prompted a decision to better safeguard, or boost,  your wealth. The best ways to invest money is to make your money work for you and to do this you need to invest it. Money sitting in a current account won’t […]

The Best Travel Insurance for Pregnant Women

We have spoken before on UK Money Market about the importance of travel insurance and how to find the best cheap travel insurance. Like any insurance, travel insurance is something that you hope you will never need but it is an important safety net in case of disaster and is invaluable should anything threaten to […]

Best Pension Schemes

Best Pension Schemes Around?

Everybody reading this will be at a different point in their life, but every one of you should be thinking about your pension. Whatever your age, you are never too old or too young to be planning for the future. The average age of a UK resident is 38.6 years old; if you’re a man […]

Can Studying Later In Life Open New Doors?

Can Studying Later In Life Open New Doors?

Some of us are lucky enough to have a career where options keep opening up, but that’s not always the case; sometimes you want to change direction completely later in life. You may be put off by the need to update your skillset and even complete new qualifications. However, it’s easier than ever to study […]

Peer to Peer Loans or Bank Loans

Peer To Peer Loans Or Bank Loans?

If you are in the process of searching for an affordable loan, you’re probably limiting your search to banks and traditional financial institutions. However, there is an alternative, and it comes in the form of a peer to peer loan. What is a peer to peer loan? Peer to peer lending brings individual borrowers and […]

Vauxhall Ecoflex Corsa – Review

Seeing the all new Vauxhall Corsa sat in the parking lot is not in itself a remarkable experience. The outside, though smart, shows no major changes from the previous incarnations of the car and the interior is modern, functional (a little underwhelming) and very similar to previous models from the American giant. But under the […]

Choose With Care For a Rewarding Retirement

When it comes to choosing a provider for your Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (Qrops) the question of where they operate is just as important as how they operate. Some jurisdictions are regulated to a very high standard, offer enticing tax benefits and are painstakingly careful to comply with the conditions required by HM Revenue […]

New Job? Check the Health And Safety, Sick Pay, Accident Policy of your New Employer

New Job? Check the Health And Safety, Sick Pay, Accident Policy of your New Employer.

Just landed that dream job? Well it’s a good idea to check out other employee benefits and policies before anything possibly goes wrong. It’s better to be informed now as accidents do happen whether in the workplace or out in public. At work your employer has certain obligations to abide by which involve informing and […]

Will 2013's Exchange Rates Affect Where You Go On Holiday?

Will 2013’s Exchange Rates Affect Where You Go On Holiday?

With many of us still watching our wallets, the exchange rate of a destination can make or break a holiday, and some of us have given up on going abroad altogether and are holidaying at home. However, a recent report from Teletext Holidays has outlined some of the facts and figures that can help travellers […]

Most Common Accidents At Work And How To Avoid Them

Most Common Accidents At Work And How To Avoid Them

Every year, a huge number of people are injured in the work place. For a lucky few, this means no more than a short stint away from work. However, for a large number of people these injuries prevent them from returning to their job at all. These injuries can be extremely problematic and more needs […]