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by David Tamplin on 24 Apr, 2014

BN1 Magazine did a review on this amazing place in Hove, East Sussex.

They wrote:-

Quote “Last week I took a trip to Hove Park Tanning Studios, a new salon that is home to a hidden gem. Hove Park Tanning Studios plays proud host to the brand new Sunangel; a sunbed with a difference, and I had the chance to give it a test drive.

This state of the art bed is the queen of all tanning. Not only does it offer the option for your own music, a face and body mist and aroma and a temperature gauge; it also talks to you. I entered the room and a robotic female voice greeted me. She (the Sunangel) asked me to place a sensor on my forehead; this measured my skin type for the facial tanners. She then asked me to place it on the whitest part of my body, which if you are going commando would be your bum. The Sunangel then matches the strength of the lamps and the tanning time to your particular skin tone. This unique method means that you can never do ‘too much’ and still tan at a healthy level in line with your natural tone. An additional feature of the Sunangel is that it also provides a full dose of vitamin D, so even if you are not a fan of Tanning this bed allows you to give your skin that much needed energy in time for summer.

The salon itself is modern and clean and everything has been thought of. There is a place to take your make-up off, hair ties and clips for when you forget, an array of creams on offer and much needed deodorant in all the rooms. All the sunbeds at the salon are clean and elegant and their continual colour changing creates an unusually serene environment. When my session was over I felt especially relaxed but quickly got dressed to assess the results in the daylight. I was very impressed, deliberately leaving my ring on there was a definite distinguishable line and all the freckles on my face had magically appeared. My skin felt soft and not the slightest bit burnt and I headed on home feeling fresh and revitalised. Over the next 12 hours my tan developed really well and I was incredibly happy with the results. I shall definitely be taking a trip back there soon!” Unquote.

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