Social Media Jobs Growth Highlighted in Salary Guide

Social Media Jobs Growth Highlighted in Salary Guide

by David Redmond on 29 Feb, 2012

Leading US internet marking staffing company Onward Search has produced an infographic that demonstrates the growing opportunities available to those looking for social media jobs.

As companies become ever more interested in presenting themselves online in a positive light, hiring the right staff to make it happen becomes increasingly important. Considering the already vast – and growing – range of social media platforms where companies compete to attract fan followings and convey their brand’s message, IT jobs for those with a social media mindset have become appropriately more prevalent and lucrative.

Onward Search’s infographic primarily concerns the state of social media jobs in the US as it highlights the average salary ranges, popular roles and social media hot spots to be found there. However, their findings draw an interesting parallel with the rise of social media’s importance worldwide as enclaves drawing people to this industry continue to spring up in Europe, Asia and Australia.

While the infographic indicates that careers in social media are on the rise in America, the industry’s growth doesn’t simply stop there, as it is been mirrored in Europe too. IT jobs in London of every stripe – including social media – continue to rise in prominence and availability.

After initially breaking down the top cities that have turned into social media havens, Onward Search determines what kind of specialists are being occupied in this dynamic and ever-evolving market.

Unsurprisingly, content writing (copywriting, blogging, etc) occupied the biggest slice of the social pie at 30 per cent. Since engaging and shareable content is what fuels page views and creates fan followings, content writers are assuming a bigger and more central role in formulating social media strategy.

Since early 2011, quality is the undisputed king of content. Spammy, poor-quality content has been proven to be far less effective at best and have a negative effect at worst. Content writers who can provide insightful, original content that is valuable to its target audience have become a far more valuable commodity to companies who want to take social media seriously.

Almost as prevalent are social media marketing manager jobs. All the high-quality content in the world isn’t going to turn into a solid brand presence without it being implemented as part of a coherent and well-planned social media strategy. Often working in close concert with the content writers, marketing managers generate inbound traffic, encourage product adoption and ensure that brand awareness is developed among social media users in a positive light.

One thing is for certain, with the likes of Pinterest, Path and innumerable new social media platforms growing in prominence to join the established favourites of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on, social media will continue to expand in range and scope. In turn this will create further demand for experts in the industry’s various fields.

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