Save Energy And Money This Spring

save energy and money

by Caleb James on 5 Mar, 2012

Saving energy in the home is a combination of common sense, new technology and a touch of old fashioned wisdom too. As winter draws to a close, your energy costs should start to get lower along with the brighter, longer days. So it’s time to spring clean the house, and maybe rethink your methods of using energy in the home. By doing this you will save a bundle and as an added bonus, do something good for the world. Carrying out a price comparison on a site like can also be beneficial.

Other than the washing machine and fridge, there are many electrical items that are superfluous. Instead of using the tumble-dryer you could hang your clothes out to dry. Instead of using a blender you could hand-whisk or chop food. Putting some elbow grease into your cooking and cleaning, will result in you saving money with energy.

If you must use lots of electrical appliances, then ensure that they have a good energy rating. The ‘Energy Saving Recommended’ logo is found on these appliances; ‘A’ is the most efficient and ‘G’ the least. In the long term you will save a lot of money.

A simple way to save, is to switch and get your gas and electricity through one supplier. Fuel regulators Ofgem estimate this would save approximately £100 per year. This is dependent upon what supplier you use, your energy consumption and the energy plan you take with them.

An important method of saving money on energy costs is to seal in gaps and insulate the house where possible. If you draught-proof your house with sealants available in a DIY store, you should save approximately £20 per year on heating. Insulating the loft could save you approximately £110 per year and is easy enough to do yourself. Putting insulation into the walls is also a worthwhile exercise. It can save you an estimated £90 per year on heating bills. Although you will need a professional for this, and it will cost around £500 for the installation. Double-glazing your windows can halve your energy costs, however this isn’t one to try at home, so it’s best to get a professional out to do it. These energy saving methods are worthwhile as long-term investments.

Here are some more easy, common-sense tips on how to save energy and therefore money:

• Energy-saving light bulbs. They last approximately ten times longer than normal bulbs and can save around £9 per year on the energy bill
• Turn appliances off at the wall when you leave the house
• Shut your curtains at dusk to keep the heat inside
• Remove furniture from in front of heating vents, this blocks the heat significantly
• Open the curtains in rooms that get the sun. Treat the as sun a free heater for your home
• Turn off lights and turn down heating vents when you are staying in a certain part of the house
• Wash a half load of clothes on the economy wash and use cold water. It works just as well as hot water, but saves energy

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