Most Common Accidents At Work And How To Avoid Them

Most Common Accidents At Work And How To Avoid Them

by David Tamplin on 15 Mar, 2014

Every year, a huge number of people are injured in the work place. For a lucky few, this means no more than a short stint away from work. However, for a large number of people these injuries prevent them from returning to their job at all.

These injuries can be extremely problematic and more needs to be done to prevent them. So what are some of the most common accidents which can occur in the work place and what can workers and employees do to reduce the likelihood of such accidents happening?

Repetitive strain injury

Most Common Accidents At Work And How To Avoid Them 1Repetitive Strain Injury (or ‘RSI’) is particularly common to office environments. As the name suggests, it is an injury which plagues workers whose roles involve repetitive motion, commonly troubling those who work with computers.

Those who work with computers should ensure that they take regular breaks from repetitive work. It is the job of employers to recognise the potential for injury and to allocate break periods for workers who could easily be affected.

Slipping on wet surfaces

When spillages happen in the work place, they can cause danger to employees. A vast number of the falls which injure workers in the UK each year are caused by slippery conditions which could easily have been avoided.

Employees and employers alike need to be vigilant in clearing dangerous spillages to avoid an accident at work. Where an immediate clean-up is not possible, it is essential that the spillage is clearly marked to help avoid an injury taking place.


Where an occupation involves working in close proximity to loud machinery, it is not uncommon for workers to damage their hearing. This is commonly known as industrial deafness. Workers whose job sees them spending prolonged periods of time nearby loud machinery should be provided with protective ear-wear to reduce the chance of doing damage to their hearing. Where sufficient protection is not provided and hearing problems arise as a result, the workers may be entitled to make personal injury claims.

Joint problems

Those who are at risk of RSI have another danger to look out for. Sitting in a similar position for long periods of time can be extremely Most Common Accidents At Work And How To Avoid Them 2damaging to posture, as well as to the back and legs. Too many employers view office work as safe, while the truth is that it can actually be harmful to those who do not see enough movement.

Just as with RSI, it is important that office workers are allowed to take plenty of breaks. During this time, they should be provided with sufficient space to move around. Workers may choose to make time for exercise en route to and from work in order to reduce the likelihood of sustaining injury through a lack of movement.

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