24 Robe Spiders (LED wash) for hire at TSL Lighting Gatwick London

Robe Spiders Hire Rental

by David Tamplin on 14 Feb, 2017

24 Robe Spiders (LED wash) for hire at TSL Lighting Gatwick London.

Arachnid Invasion in Gatwick!
Joke of the day: What do you call a Spider with two eyes?
A ROBE Spiider! Geddit…
An outbreak of these superbright LED WashBeam Spiiders has appeared at TSL Lighting today. Featuring 18x 30w and 1 x 60W RGBW LED centrally which creates a unique Flower Effect. The fixtures achieve a zoom from 4 degree beam to 50 degree wash and also include pixel control, a tungsten lamp effect and preprogrammed effects.Robe Spiders Dry Hire Gatwick London
The team from TSL were quick to unpack the Spiiders and set a few of them up in our WYSIWYG studio to try them straight out. The results were stunning and we are really glad to be able to supply these fixtures for rental immediately.
There is a demo video of the Spiider available here: (dare we say it’s on the World Wide WEB!)

If you would like to see the new arachnid pets in person, send an email to hiredesk@tsllighting.com to arrange a demo.

Visit their website at http://www.tsllighting.com

Here is the technical data:-

Spiider, a superbright next generation of LED WashBeam luminaries, using 18x 30 Watt and 1x 60 Watt LEDs and combining it with a very efficient 12,5:1 zoom optical system ranging from tight 4° Beam to wide 50° Wash, makes the product the most powerful LED fixture on the market!

Beautiful convergence of hard edge in-air effects, punchy beams and smooth homogenized wash is all encapsulated in the unique Spiider.

Rich colors of 19 powerfull RGBW LEDs can create charming wash light with velvety smooth transitions thanks to internal 18bit LED dimming system.

Dynamic video effects are easily achieved by mapping individual pixels and controlled by DMX desk or media servers via sACN with internal HTP merging, DMX or by Kling-Net protocol.

Unique central piece with Robe exclusive Flower Effect is driven by 60W RGBW LED multichip for new innovative sharp multicoloured spikes of light, rotating in both directions at variable speed, adding another new visual effect to the show.


    1x 60W RGBW and 18 x 30W RGBW LED multichips


    11.000 lm, 50.100 lx @ 5m


    4° – 50°


    pixel control, flower effect, virtual colour wheel, tungsten lamp effect, preprogrammed pixel effects

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