Smart Meters Can Help You Make Savings on Your Energy Use

Smart Meters Can Help You Make Savings on Your Energy Use

by Rebecca Hall on 29 Aug, 2012

How Can a Smart Meter Help You Make Savings on Your Long-Term Energy Use?

If you are looking into ways in which to make long-term savings on your energy use then installing a smart meter may be a good option. This guide will help to explain what a smart meter is and how it can be used to reduced your family’s energy consumption.

What is a Smart Meter?

Smart meter? Energy monitor? Aren’t they the same thing? Actually they’re not – a smart meter is very different to an energy monitor.

A smart meter is a device that allows a household’s gas or electricity meter to be ‘read’ remotely. A remote reading is taken every 30 minutes.

On the other hand, an energy monitor is a handheld gadget which shows you an estimate of the amount of electricity you are using in real time.

How can a Smart Meter save you money?

Once you’ve got a smart meter you will be able to look at your energy consumption in much more detail than a traditional bill. This information lets you see the months, weeks and hours of the day when you use the most, and least, energy.

Knowledge is power and by having more knowledge about the amount of energy you use, when you’re using it and how much it’s costing you, you’ll be able to identify and make changes so you use less energy over the long-term.

How can my home display meter compliment my smart meter?

A home energy monitor used alongside your smart meter can give you instant information about your energy usage. Energy monitors calculate how much energy certain appliances use and you’ll be able to see the effect of small changes such as only boiling enough water to make one drink rather than boiling a full kettle.

Similarly you’ll be able to see how much energy is used by leaving all the lights on, rather than just in the room you’re in, or continuing to charge a mobile phone when it is already fully charged.

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