Parkas, Tank Tops and Cords – The 70s Are Back This Autumn

by Simon Carter on 18 Dec, 2012 might have gone (did it ever actually arrive) but there’s no need to despair as you pack away your favourite t-shirts, put your sunglasses into storage and hide that loud shirt somewhere you hope you’ll never see it again. Autumn is a time to rejoice as you grab the excuse to wrap up warm and dig out your comfort clothes, and this year more so than ever.

Because this year, the 70s are back!

When we think of 70s fashion we tend to think of hot pants, roller boots and John Travolta’s white disco suit but while each of those items has a time and a place, it probably isn’t while kicking leaves or burrowing for conkers. No, there are other 70s icons that are more suited to autumn activities.

First consider the tank top. It seems counterproductive, a pullover without arms, but the tank top – which first appeared in the early 20th century but hit its peak of popularity in the late 70s – works on a similar premise to fingerless gloves and a string vest (try not to picture a string vest!), you don’t need to be fully covered to be warm.

While yet to hit the high street in a big way, many stores have introduced one or two into their range to test the waters.parka And if the former favourite has even a slice of the success that it had first time round, expect to see at least one in every wardrobe.

Why not dress up your new tank top with a parka? It could be argued that parkas have never truly gone away but the fur lined warmer has come a long way from the blue and orange monstrosities of yesteryear. With Top Shop, River Island and Marks and Spencer leading the high street line up, the race is on to send the parka into high fashion.

But what to wear on your legs? You could stick with your jeans (Wranglers do a fine fur-lined jean) but what better way to complete your look than with a pair of genuine cords. In brown, grey, green or black, cords are comfortable yet fashionable, warming and light and the perfect solution to your autumn trouser troubles.

So while it might be some time before we see flares, safety pins and mohicans back on our streets, there’s no doubt that 2012 is that new 1977.

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