Solar Panels Are a Great Investment say Ernst & Young

Solar Panels Are a Great Investment say Ernst & Young

by David Redmond on 27 Sep, 2011

Solar panels have always been an excellent way of generating fresh, clean, safe and reliable energy for the home. Now their investment potential has been confirmed in research by Ernst & Young.

They say that the falling cost of silicon and better and better technology has made solar panels much more cost effective. Solar PV has also become even more of a fantastic investment than before due to the fact that energy prices are skyrocketing and set to continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

The launch of the Feed-In Tariff by the outgoing Labour government in April 2010 has continued to incentivise the installation of a good solar PV system. The new coalition government has kept the tariff and many households are benefiting financially to the tune of up to £1,000 a year.

What is the Feed-In Tariff?
The feed-in tariff essentially helps homeowners to make money from generating their own electricity. Firstly, homeowners are paid for every unit of energy they generate from their solar panels, secondly, they receive a bit extra for any surplus units they sell back to the National Grid.

The third advantage is households also save lots of money on their electricity bills as they benefit from free electricity from their solar panels. This brings the total financial benefit up to around £1,000 tax free, a year.

Don’t delay, get in touch with an installer today
If you’re interested in installing solar PV it is recommended that you act sooner rather than later as the generous rates of the current tariff are set to be cut with effect from 31st March 2012. However you can still get the guaranteed 25 years of current payments if you have solar PV panels installed before then.

So, book your installation as soon as possible and benefit while you still can!

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