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by Simon Carter on 29 Sep, 2012

The fear of going to the dentist is enough to cover many people with cold sweat, leaving their palms sweaty and their stomach doing somersaults. But it’s not the thought of the drill that scares people. Nor is it the image of a masked man hovering over them, or even the possibility of a filling. The scariest thing about going to the dentist simply has to be the cost.

Paying the bill should be the best thing about going to the dentist – after all, your treatment is over – but with the cost of treatments regularly running into three figures, paying the bill is something that most of us dread.

This is where dental insurance can come to the rescue. Like all insurance, dental cover is there as a safety net to save you from huge, unexpected bills. With a small monthly payment you can cover yourself and your family for all manner of dental emergencies and routine appointments.

Dental cover is also very flexible in that you can often pick and choose what type of treatments you are covered for. For instance, if your child has braces, you can choose to insure those against the cost of repair or replacement. Or if you have dentures, you can choose similar cover. The best dental insurance will provide you with the flexibility and peace of mind to ensure that you enjoy good dental health.

Dental insurance isn’t for everybody

Though it is useful in case of an emergency, if you do have a great set of teeth and have never experienced any problems, the cost of your premium could actually end up higher than the cost of a couple of routine check-ups.

UK Money Market Recommendations

If you decide to take dental insurance, do consider taking either family or couples cover as this is often cheaper (this isn’t always advertised so do ask!). For value, take basic NHS cover from Tesco or Boots who will both cover you for under £10 a month (Tesco also throw in ClubCard points). If you want the flexibility of either NHS or private, seek out Simply Health or Dencover who will both insure you for less than £20 per month.

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