The Best Travel Insurance for Pregnant Women

by Simon Carter on 2 Apr, 2014

We have spoken before on UK Money Market about the importance of travel insurance and how to find the best cheap travel insurance. Like any insurance, travel insurance is something that you hope you will never need but it is an important safety net in case of disaster and is invaluable should anything threaten to ruin your dream holiday.

So travel insurance is important for all holiday makers, but for pregnant women it should be viewed a requirement as essential as your passport or the flight tickets.

Whether you’re just a few weeks pregnant or a few months, one last holiday before the little one arrives is something that more and more women desire. The idea of lying on a beach and taking some time for yourself is never more appealing than when you’re just a short time away from night time feeding and nappy changes.

Cancellation cover

Travel insurance for expectant mums differs in a number of ways from other types of cover. Firstly, there is typically more flexibility in the cancellation cover. Whereas it’s seen as very unlikely that a regular traveller would cancel their trip, there are many reasons why a pregnant woman might need to cancel. You should also expect to receive cover for emergency travel home and an enhanced medical package to insure you in case of pre-term birth or other complications.

32 weeks pregnant?

There are also various considerations that you should think about before you travel. The vast majority of insurers, and airlines for that matter, will only cover you, or allow you to fly, up to eight weeks before the due date (in other words, up to 32 weeks pregnant). So, sit down with the calendar and calculate all of the relevant dates. If you are desperate to travel but the dates don’t quite add up, there are some insurers who will cover you past 32 weeks but expect the premium to be a little higher.

Multiple births?

If you are expecting a multiple birth, make sure that you inform your insurers as failing to do so could invalidate your policy.

UKMoneyMarket recommendations

Finding the best travel insurance for pregnant women is not all about finding the cheapest. Though companies such as Cover For You and 24DR regularly come out as the cheapest providers, they do not specialise in pregnancy. If you prefer an insurer who specifically caters for pregnant women, you should contact Debenham’s Insurance, Essential Travel or World First.

Finally, if you have travel insurance cover with your bank account, check whether you are covered for pregnancy. Many assume they are, only to have an unpleasant surprise when they come to claim.
Enjoy your holiday and good luck with the baby!

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