The Best Car Insurance for Women

by Simon Carter on 17 Sep, 2012

Despite what every comedian from the 1970s might have said, statistics have repeatedly shown that women are better drivers than men. Though the stats don’t show how well females parallel park, perform a three-point turn, or how efficiently they achieve an emergency stop, they do show that women make far fewer insurance claims than men.

Male drivers account for 95% of driving convictions!

And while that might not prove beyond doubt that women are better drivers, for insurance companies that’s all that matters. Though the days of cheaper car insurance for female drivers could be about to come to an end (see below for details), the fact that male drivers account for a staggering 95% of driving convictions in the UK means that, to quote the famous advert, there are still “bonzer car insurance deals” for women drivers.

Even if insurers were not to base their premiums on gender, there are certain traditional aspects of female motorists that make for cheaper insurance. Typically, women drive fewer miles than men. This is partly down to family dynamics which sees men take the wheel on roughly 80% of all journeys where either the male or female partner could potentially have driven. Reports have also shown that women are also less likely to buy overly-powerful cars and far less likely to make modifications to that car.
The maths here are simple: drive fewer miles in a less powerful car and you will save a fortune.

Insurers that specialise in womens car insurance

Although women-only insurance companies are already a thing of the past (it is illegal to refuse cover based on gender), there are still insurers that specialise in the best car insurance for women. While it might be seen as somewhat stereotypical, companies such as Sheila’s Wheels and Diamond offer innovative cover options like handbag cover and child seat cover.


If you are of retirement age, then you can enjoy the benefits of cheaper cover. Which magazine favourite, Rias, offer a very comprehensive package for retired drivers while established companies like LV and John Lewis tailor specific packages for the over 60s. If you made your living as a teacher and have now retired, Endsleigh are the company for you.

Unlawful to take gender into account when calculating insurance

So why is cheap car insurance for women coming to an end? In late 2011 the European Court ruled that it is unlawful to take gender into account when calculating insurance. As of December 21st 2012, all insurers will have to offer the same premium price regardless of sex. For men, this could see prices actually drop by 10% whereas women can expect to pay up to 40% more.

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