Phil Jones of Brighton saved £245 on his modified 2003 Citroen Saxo VTS car insurance

by UK Money Market on 10 Oct, 2012

Having a modified car can potentially increase your premium enormously. However, Phil Jones from Brighton found that if you are clever about it you can actually end up reducing your premium too.

Phil Jones of Brighton saved £245 on his modified 2003 Citroen Saxo VTS car insuranceIt’s not uncommon for the male population to desire a shiny, loud exhaust, a massive stereo, subwoofers, 19” alloys, chipped and uprated engine, spoilers and lowered suspension. This can scare some insurance companies or cause you to be turned down for insurance with standard insurers. This can complicate matters further as you should declare when proposing insurance that you have been declined insurance from previous underwriters.

However, it’s likely you care about your car more than someone with an 8 year old Ford Focus used purely for commuting.

Adrian Flux would be a fantastic example of an insurance company that understands drivers of modified cars, luxury cars and classic cars and their policies are very competitively priced. Why, you may ask?

Phil owns a 2003 Citroen Saxo VTS. His story:-

He writes “Throughout the first year of ownership I have and continue to make performance modifications to my car. I was previously insured with Admiral, with no modifications declared. I am 24, with 4 years no claims, no accidents etc. My renewal price was around £705 with Admiral. When I searched online I could have gone as a ‘new’ customer to Admiral and paid £620 for the year, again no modifications.

Phil Jones of Brighton saved £245 on his modified 2003 Citroen Saxo VTS car insurance wheelMy modifications are :
Induction Kit,
Lowered and uprated suspension all round (dampers and springs),
Free flowing steel exhaust manifold & straight through stainless steel exhaust system,
Big brake kit on front wheels with uprated discs and pads on the rear.”

Phil saved £245.00!

“I declared everything to Adrian Flux, and was quoted £460 for the year. I have decided to pay monthly which totals at £520, quite a considerable saving.”

Additional savings and tips to reduce your premiums.

Phil continues, “I have added my dad to the policy which helps ease the premium. I have also gone on a limited mileage policy because for many people like me who have a modified car as a luxury, I hardly ever drive it!”

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