More 4×4 Drivers Are Speeding On UK Roads

by David Redmond on 17 Jul, 2012

Four-wheel-drive SUVs are amongst the top speeding vehicles on British roads today. That’s according to research from the UK’s largest high street insurer, Swinton.

Swinton Insurance recently launched an online app to raise awareness about the dangers of speeding. Motorists can select their vehicle from a dropdown menu to discover if their car make and model is driven recklessly by British roadsters in general. The results are based on how many speeding fines the car has accumulated on a whole.*

Meanwhile, ministers have introduced proposals to up speeding fines by 50%. An increase from £60 to £90 is hoped to slow everyone down on UK roads. Though doubters suspect the rise is part of a larger money-making scheme for the government.

Naturally, Swinton is approaching the issue from a car insurance angle – warning the initial £90 fee could effectively pile-up and inflate subsequent road protection quotes. That warning is aimed with more vigour at 4×4 drivers, who are amongst the highest number of people who break the speed limit:

For every 1000 insurance quotes on an Audi Q3, 327 drivers had a speeding conviction – putting the car in Swinton’s top ten law breaking vehicles in Britain. As an Audi Q3 driver, you are labelled a ‘risk taker’ by the cartoonish Swinton Speedometer. The app casually tells you to take a ‘long hard look at yourself in the rear-view mirror’ and that your insurance premiums are unnecessarily ‘costing you a fortune’.

Swinton is operating from a light hearted standpoint here but the company’s stance as an insurance broker is well respected across the motoring industry. The Speedometer is not a tool for generalising every driver in the country but is a fun way of learning just how easily some people can speed in your car – including some celebrities.

Swinton have listed celeb names alongside the different driver categories, so you can match yourself up against the driving style of Britain’s rich and famous. Top Gear presenter James May is apparently an ‘Easy Rider’ and finding out if you’re as careful as ‘Captain Slow’ is a good thing – especially when considering the effect speeding fines can have on your car insurance quote.

*The data was sourced from 11 million quotes completed in March 2012.

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