Car Insurance Glossary

Car Insurance Glossary

by David Redmond on 10 Jan, 2011


Usually referring to a fatality or injury, an accident is an unexpected event. It is possible to prevent some accidents and the financial damage that could be incurred by an accident can be limited by taking out accident insurance.

Accident insurance
Insurance that covers certain injuries that could not have been expected, such as loss of a limb or vision.

Act of God
An accident that occurs in extraordinary circumstances that couldn’t possibly have been foreseen. An example of an Act of God would be any damage caused by a storm.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Within insurance, an agent is someone who acts on behalf of another person, as an insurance salesman acts on behalf of the insurance company.

A process by which two disputing parties come to a suitable conclusion.

Arrears fee
Charges for any payments that are not made on time.

The recipient of a benefit.

The money an insurance company pays out to a claimant.

An agent who, for a fee, brings together two parties to enable them to enter a contract.

Broker’s Fee
The fee paid to a broker for their services.

Cancellation Clause
A condition of the contract that enables either the insurer or the insured to cancel a policy before its expiration date.

When an insurance quote is made, caveats are the conditions made within it.

The Chartered Insurance Institute; the Governing body for the Insurance Industry.

A notification made to an insurance company that a payment is due.

When two or more insurers cover a risk together.

The details of the duties and rights of both the insurer and insured.

A legal agreement between two parties.

Cooling Off Period
The time period in which a person may cancel an agreement without incurring any penalty.

The risk that your insurance policy protects you against is described in the cover.

The first part of any insurance claim that must be covered by the insured.

Instances that are not covered by an insurance policy.

Insurance Group
Insurance groups assess the risk of particular vehicles. Numbered from 1-20 with higher risk vehicles, such as Ferrari’s, belonging to Group 20.

No Claims Group
A discount given by insurers if the insured have not made a claim in the previous insurance periods.

The payment made to keep a policy in place.

Repayment plan
A plan made to arrange repayment of money owed to an insurer.

A detailed documentation of itemised costs and fees that would be incurred in an insurance deal.

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