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by Simon Carter on 29 Sep, 2012

Though it can sound like a well-worn cliché, your wedding day truly should the very best day of your life. It is the day that you stand in front of your family, friends and the person who you want to spend the rest of your life with and tell the world how much you love them. It’s the day where nothing should go wrong.

If the movies are to be believed, the only thing that can possibly go wrong is that you get jilted but in real life, there are so many other things that may happen. With the average wedding costing somewhere in the region of £15,000 – £20,000, taking out a wedding insurance policy is certainly the sensible thing to do.

UK Money Market recommendations

Wedding insurance can cost surprisingly little depending on the amount of cover you require. For budget cover you should seek out My Wedding Insurance whose prices start at just over £15 or Ecclesiastical who will cover you from under £20. However, as with all budget insurance, you may not get all the cover you require. The best wedding insurance, like the best wedding dress or the best wedding ring, should be absolutely tailored to your needs.

Cost example

For instance, Cover My Wedding will insure your big day for £19. For this price you get:-

£5,000 cancellation insurance,
£2,000 for attire,
£1,500 for gifts,
£2,000 each for rings, photos and supplier failure.
While this in total would be enough to cover the cost of a lot of weddings, you can take insurance that covers you for almost double each of those amounts from the likes of E&L at £27 or who will charge just shy of £50.

Premium cover

There are other premium insurers who will also cover the cost of honeymoon (not included in typical cover) and will insure you for far more in every category. The best premium buy is with John Lewis whose Level 6 wedding insurance offers:-

£50,000 cancellation costs,
£25,000 supplier failure,
£15,000 to cover attire,
£12,500 for gifts and rings,
£7,500 for the photos,
and will set you back just under £300.

Taking out insurance may seem like the least romantic part of wedding preparation but with your mind at peace, you will enjoy your big day all the more.

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