The Best Way To Get Cheap Car Insurance.

The Best Way to get Cheap Car Insurance. Image url

by Caleb James on 3 Jul, 2012

Car insurance is one of those bills that never seems to get cheaper, no matter how long you have been driving or how much of a careful driver you are. There are a lot of factors that can affect the price of this annual bill, such as age, the type of car you drive or if you are unfortunate enough to have points on your licence. But there are also ways that you can find the best way to get cheap car insurance as this article will show.

New drivers

If you are a new or young driver it could be in your best interests to be a named driver on another policy for a while. This will be a lot cheaper than being the policy holder and there are also some insurance companies that let named drivers build up their own no claims discount such as the Co-operative Insurance and Direct Line.

Perhaps you are considering buying a new car. If this is the case it is worth getting a short list of vehicles that you are interested in and then getting insurance quotes before you settle on a final choice of car.


Occupations can also make a difference to insurance quotes, for example an Administrator is practically the same as a Clerical Assistant, so do comparison quotes to see if there is any difference in price. Do make sure that you enter your job correctly however, as if it comes to a claim and you have not put the right job, or indeed advised of any changes on your policy it could be void leaving you unable to claim.

Best deals

Some of the insurance companies that offer the best car insurance rates seem to be Swift Cover and Direct Line, but it is worth your while running some quotes on reputable car insurance comparison websites such as Moneysupermarket. Don’t forget that some insurers are not on comparison websites, so make sure you use the bigger companies directly through their sites.

Cash Back sites have also enjoyed a leap in popularity recently, you could make as much as £100 which of course makes a big saving on your car insurance.

So there you have it; many ways in which you don’t have to settle for the renewal premium. With a little research and a small amount of your time you can make your car insurance cheaper each year.

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