How To Get The Best Van Insurance

by Simon Carter on 24 Aug, 2012

As the old advert says, vans are the backbone of the country. They are essential for couriers, tradesmen and retailers and without them, the country could find itself on its knees. But the cost of owning, hiring and running vans has risen considerably in the last few years, with the cost of insurance one of the main culprits.

It is a legal requirement that you insure your van unless it is registered as off the road (and a SORN has been sent to the DVLA). There are three types of cover for van insurance, as there for cars; fully comprehensive, third party fire & theft and third party only. However, this is where the similarities with car insurance end as there are further scenarios to consider. For example, you may only want to insure a van for a few days (in which case, Tempcover have a very flexible range) or you may require extra cover if you are a courier or a tradesmen and have potentially valuable cargo on board.

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Finding cheap insurance can begin before you have even bought your van as the type of vehicle you buy, or more specifically, its insurance group, can have a huge impact on the cost of your premium. Knowledge is crucial here, as with 20 different van insurance groups, it’s all too easy to ignore this factor. The Association of British Insurers (ABI) are responsible for deciding which vans go into which group and with everything from the height, weight, value and desirability (to thieves) of the van taken into account it can be a little bewildering for the consumer. Find out a little about the insurance groups before you buy and you could save money for years.

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So the best van insurance depends heavily on the type of van you own and the type of cover you require. We looked at the best deals across the board and found that Direct Line offered the best cover. It is certainly not the cheapest (nor is the most expensive, happily) but their cover is for unlimited value, includes both EU cover and a replacement vehicle and, for new customers, offers a 10% introductory discount and £500 worth of tools cover as standard.

If you require budget insurance, both the Post Office and Churchill offer lower value cover with lower premiums but neither offer optional extras as standard. Should you have more than one van, deals can be found with Insurance Choice who specialise in multi-van cover.

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