Best Price Travel Insurance For Students

by Simon Carter on 13 Aug, 2012

Many words have been written about the costs of going to University and we don’t intend on adding to that. However, it is clearly true that students need to cut costs whenever and wherever they can, and that includes the cost of travelling. Whether looking for a cheap getaway during those long University holidays or searching for new experiences on a gap year adventure, you need to shop savvy and save money wherever you can.

But whether you decide to take that 2am flight with four connections because it saves you a few quid, or whether you cram all of your essentials into the smallest bag possible to cut back on luggage costs, you should never, ever go anywhere without travel insurance. It is technically an optional extra but travel insurance should be considered essential for anybody travelling abroad, especially for the young and vulnerable exploring the world. Obviously you don’t want to spend a fortune on insurance so start your exploring at home and you will find the best price travel insurance for your trip.

UKMM Tip #1    Cancellation cover – do you need it? Do you want to pay for it?

Although insurance can be potentially expensive, there are various ways to cut costs; for example you should ask yourself whether you need cancellation cover. It is an added little extra that you’ll wish you had if you do have to cancel your trip but if you arrange your insurance close to the date of departure, cancellation is unlikely.

UKMM Tip #2   Is one million medical expenses cover enough? If so, reduce your premiums.

You can also save money by taking a lower value cover for medical bills; for instance, family travel insurance typically covers up to £10m worth of medical bills. By taking cover for, say, £1m, your premium should drop noticeably. Also start your search with insurers such as Flexicover, The AA, Sainsbury’s and Endsleigh who offer online discounts.

Gap year

If the cover is for a gap year you should think carefully about your itinerary before you take out insurance. A lot of gap year travel insurance offers cover for winter sports and for trips worldwide, including the USA. If you are not going to undertake any winter sports (which, for obvious reasons, add significantly to the premium) and if you plan to stay in Europe, or not travel to the USA, then tell your insurer and you could save valuable pounds.

Best Price Travel Insurance Deals

For the best value deals, with £1m worth of medical expenses and without winter sports cover, you should check out Explorer Travel Insurance, Club Direct or ERV Group. If winter sports are your thing then Essential, Endsleigh and Flexicover offer the best deals currently available, with both Endsleigh and Flexicover offering that online discount.

Wherever you go, and whatever you do, make sure that you have the insurance to cover it. But most importantly, have a great time!

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