Best Insurance For Young Drivers

by Caleb James on 21 Jul, 2012

Driving isn’t particularly cheap for anyone, but for young drivers the costs can be particularly high. This is largely because of sky-high insurance costs. Parents are often keen to help their children get behind the wheel because they know it can open up so many opportunities. After paying towards driving lessons, tests and perhaps even a car, it’s unsurprising that parents aim to find the best insurance for young drivers without breaking the bank.

Of course the alternative – not getting insurance – is unthinkable. For a start, the driver would be breaking the law. As well as having to pay a fine, people driving without a license can instantly receive 6 points on their license – enough for an automatic ban if you’ve only passed your test within the last two years. The fact that young drivers are statistically more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident only emphasises how important it is that they have sufficient coverage.

3 types of cover

There are generally three types of car insurance on offer: 3rd party, 3rd party fire and theft, and comprehensive. Because of the fact that younger drivers are more likely to be involved in car accidents, comprehensive cover is usually best as 3rd party insurance won’t cover accidental damage to your own vehicle. But how can you get comprehensive coverage while keeping costs to a minimum?

Ways to keep insurance premiums to a minimum


One of the best ways of reducing your insurance premiums is by accumulating years of no claims bonuses. Obviously this method isn’t available to young drivers, but there are other ways to get a cheaper policy. The simplest way is to raise the voluntary excess – the amount you pay should you make a claim.

Pass Plus

The other way is by taking the Pass Plus driving course – some insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who have taken the course, as they should be more competent on the road. However, the number of insurance companies offering a reduced rate is small and the savings could be completely offset by the cost of paying for the extra lessons.

Comparison sites and direct insurance companies

Many people find that using a comparison sites is the best way to find the cheapest insurance policy. Remember though that while some policies may be more expensive, the benefits they offer, such as providing a courtesy car or breakdown cover, may make them better value for money. In particular, if the young driver’s car is a bit of an old banger, roadside assistance could prove very useful. Also bear in mind that some insurance companies don’t offer their quotes via such websites – you’ll have to get a quote directly from them.

While insurance for young drivers can be ridiculously expensive, by shopping around you should be able to get a deal that offers you the coverage you want for your young driver at a reasonable price.

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