Say Cheese – Best Camera Insurance UK

Say Cheese - Best Camera Insurance UK 3

by Simon Carter on 7 Nov, 2012

With digital camera technology at their fingertips, everybody is now a mini David Bailey. But most digital cameras cost hundreds of pounds with the equipment – bags, tripod, lenses etc. – running at many hundreds more. If your camera cost a packet, then you’ll need insurance cover in case it gets lost, stolen or damaged. We’ve done the searching so you don’t have to – read on for the best camera insurance in the UK.

Say Cheese - Best Camera Insurance UK

Cover From Under £3

It’s comforting to know that your camera is insured and for just £2.19 a month, Protect Your Bubble can offer you that comfort. You will be covered for up to £5,000 worth of equipment and insured against everything other than a lost camera.

That price and cover is hard to beat but you can also get similar cover from My Gadget Buddy whose monthly premium is £2.25 a month and Gadget Cover at £2.49. Their maximum cover amounts are £1,500 and £600 respectively and neither come with loss cover as standard.


I Need Comprehensive Cover

If you are looking for a fully comprehensive policy, the lowest price to be currently found is with Cheaper Gadget whose Gold Cover protects you against any mishap for £3.75 a month. The maximum cover is £500 but the excess is also low, only £25.

i-Digital’s Essential Plus policy is £5.25 a month but for that you get the same cover as the Cheaper Gadget policy but with a maximum cover of £1,500.

I Need More Cover

Again, the Protect Your Bubble policy is hard to beat with their £5,000 maximum value cover and low £25 excess but with loss cover

Say Cheese - Best Camera Insurance UK 3

optional, you may be better served by checking out i-Digital’s Premier policy. At £6.18 a month it seems much more expensive than Protect Your Bubble but with a 15% discount and the option of adding extra gadgets to your policy, this could be a winner.


Is There Anyone Else Worth Looking A

The best of the rest could be Helpucover who will give you a comprehensive policy with no excess to pay. At £9.99 a month it could be argued that you are paying your excess through your monthly payments but you do also get a shopping voucher for joining.

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