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by Simon Carter on 12 Oct, 2012

Whether you own a grand yacht or a humble dinghy, you need to make sure that you are fully insured against any mishaps. Maritime insurance has been around in the UK for over 400 years in one form or another but it can be hard to find the best boat insurance. Here at UK Money Market, we’ve trawled the web so sit back and relax while we reveal our findings.

I need to insure my dinghy

Dinghies are one of the most popular boats in the country, both for pleasure and for racing, and the range of insurers that offer specific dinghy insurance is impressive. Noble Marine have one of the most complete policies including transit cover (for when your dinghy is on dry land), up to £5m of third party cover and new for old cover on all spare parts and sails.

GJWDirect also offer an impressive policy that also includes personal accident cover, legal cover and personal belongings and kitbag cover.

I’ve got a speedboatbest boat insurance

Speedboat owners are seen as the boy racers of the maritime world and, as such, insurance costs a little more. For a basic policy (with optional extras) you should visit Cover My Boat for a cheaper quote. For more comprehensive cover, check out Haven who have 25 years’ industry experience and can tailor your quote for your boat.

Does my jet ski need covering?

Not only should you insure your jet ski against damage but you should seek out cover that will give you a best boat insurancepersonal injury allowance, given the nature of the sport. Again Noble Marine offer good cover but will double your premium if you have less than one year of jet ski experience.

For cheaper cover, contact GJWDirect who will lower your premium if you don’t use your jet ski during the winter months and if your ski has a tracker and a data tag fitted.

What about houseboats?

Houseboat insurance is essential as there is a lot more at stake than just a vessel. GJWDirect’s houseboat policy automatically covers all possessions as do Cover My Boat (as long as your houseboat was fitted out by a professional).best boat insurance

If you are over 50, Saga offer great deals on insurance including generous medical cover, personal accident cover (to you and your passengers) and maritime legal cover. They will also give you up to 20% No Claims Discount.

So whatever your vessel, UK Money Market hopes to have helped find the best insurer for you.

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