A Quick Guide To Third Party Liability Dog Insurance

A Quick Guide To Third Party Liability Dog Insurance

by David Redmond on 3 Apr, 2012

Third party liability cover on your dog insurance is essential. Dog insurance providers will either offer this as standard or as an optional extra on the policy.  Either way it’s an important feature that can reduce your exposure to serious financial risk.

Third party liability cover basically covers you as the dog owner against any injury your dog causes to another person or damage inflicted on their property.

Reasons you should consider third party cover on your dog insurance

Most dog owners are of the opinion their pet will never attack anyone or damage their property, because they’re good natured 99.9% of the time.

Whenever a dog attacks a child and it’s on the news, the owners are always in a state of shock as it’s out of character for their dog.

It’s best to protect against anything like this through your pet insurance, just in case your dog does do something you never expected.

Personal injury claims

Having dog insurance that covers you against any personal injury claims could save you a small fortune. For example, if your dog attacks a friend at your home, they may be self-employed and unable to work for weeks or months depending on the severity of their injuries.

Not only would you have this on your conscience, you could also be pursued for the costs of any medical treatment and loss of earnings.

If your dog insurance policy doesn’t have third party liability cover, you could end up having to pay thousands of pounds out of your own pocket.

It’s not just injury you need to worry about. Tragically, there have been instances in the UK where dogs have snapped and severely injured a child. While statistically it’s extremely unlikely, if your dog was directly responsible for someone’s death, you could face an enormous compensation bill.  This could mean having to sell your home if you don’t have third party liability cover as part of your dog insurance policy.

Paying for property damage

It’s perhaps less likely your dog will do any significant damage to anyone else’s property, but it’s good to have dog insurance to cover this just in case.

For example, your pet may chew some valuable documents, or ruin someone’s electrical goods by deciding to chew through the wires.

These scenarios may seem unlikely, but why take the chance? There are dog insurance policies out there that have third party liability cover as an optional extra, so it’s worth searching for that additional peace of mind.

Insurance providers offer competitive quotes for dog insurance in the UK. Make sure you look at the level of cover as well as price when you compare pet insurance policies.


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