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The Best Way To Get Cheap Car Insurance

Car insurance is one of those bills that never seems to get cheaper, no matter how long you have been driving or how much of a careful driver you are. There are a lot of factors that can affect the price of this annual bill, such as age, the type of car you drive or if you are unfortunate enough to have points on your licence. But there are also ways that you can find the best way to get cheap car insuranceas this article will show.

Tips to Find the Best Price Home Insurance

It seems inevitable that insurance prices will continue to grow year on year but when it comes to home insurance there is plenty you can do to cut the costs. If you are due for a renewal, or are looking to take insurance out on a new property, don’t do anything until you’ve read our essential guide to finding the best price home insurance.

Best Life Insurance Policies? Avoid The Pie Eating Contests.

All insurance policies are there to protect you and your family in case the worst happens, and this is illustrated nowhere more bluntly than with life insurance. Like making a will, life insurance is something that many put off as nobody likes to be reminded of their own mortality. But if the worst did come to the worst, it is essential that you protect and provide for your loved ones. So what are the best life insurance policies and where can they be found?

Best Landlord Insurance?

In the history of the United Kingdom, never before has the rental market been so lively. Though house prices are either stagnant or falling all over the country, mortgage lenders high deposit requirements mean that the property ladder is out of reach for many who have no option other than to become tenants. Read more about the best landlord insurance deals….

The Best Home Insurance Deals for Students

Life can be hard when you’re a student. Don’t get me wrong, life can also be incredibly fun and easy for a student but there is no doubt that you do often get the rough end of things. There has been a lot of talk in the media for the past three or four years about the spiralling costs of University. From tuition fees to higher interest loans and from increased living expenses to the high cost of car insurance for the young, the student life must often seem like one big bill. There is the odd bit of great news, however….microwave noodles! Look here for the best home insurance deals for students.

Cheaper Car Insurance for Women – It’s Not about Gender

Women’s car insurance has traditionally been cheaper than men’s. The simple reason for this difference is that women tend to drive more carefully and at slower speeds. Women are less likely to be involved in a road accident because they are travelling at lower speeds so any impact damage is likely to be less and cheaper to repair. The European Union doesn’t see it that way though….

Compare Business Van Insurance Online And Get The Best Deal

Many vans are used for commercial purposes, which is why companies provide competitive insurance to make it that bit easier for you to bag the best deal. The good news is van insurance doesn’t have to be expensive, regardless of whether you use your vehicle solely for business or for personal use. If you compare van insurance online, all it takes is to enter some basic details once to receive a list of relevant quotes.

A Quick Guide To Third Party Liability Dog Insurance

Third party liability cover on your dog insurance is essential. Dog insurance providers will either offer this as standard or as an optional extra on the policy.  Either way it’s an important feature that can reduce your exposure to serious financial risk. Third party liability cover basically covers you as the dog owner against any injury your dog causes to another person or damage inflicted on their property.

A Few Tricks Up Your Sleeve To Find The Best Cheap Car Insurance

You have no doubt heard of price comparison sites but often, simply filling in a couple of forms and hitting ‘Search’ won’t be enough to find you the best deal. Take young drivers, for example. The average insurance cost for under-21s is around £3,000; you may find a little leeway on the comparison sites but you need to have a few more tricks up your sleeve to bring that figure down.Read more….

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