Hayfever Help: Treatments On A Budget

Hayfever Help: Treatments On A Budget

by David Tamplin on 4 Apr, 2014

The hayfever medication market is booming, with more and more people throwing down those boxes of tissues and reaching for the tablets, sprays and even nose probes to stop the sniffles. But when you’re keeping an eye on the pennies, as well as your health, which are the best methods to go for? We run through some affordable options for treating your hayfever, all readily available at Lloydspharmacy, and all for under £5:


Hayfever Help: Treatments On A BudgetHayfever tablets are the most popular treatment for hayfever, accounting for a huge 73 per cent of sales within the category in 2011, and still one of the quickest and most convenient methods available. They can be used as required or as a preventative treatment if you know there’s likely to be a high pollen count. As antihistamines, the tablets block the chemical histamine which your body releases to combat allergens, thus stopping your body demonstrating the symptoms of an allergic reaction – sneezing, blocked or runny nose, itchy red eyes and headaches. Many hayfever tablets are one-a-day, so you’ll know how many days’ worth of relief you’ll be getting – perfect for when you’re off on holiday.

Allergy relief syrups:

These oral solutions treat the symptoms of hayfever and can often be taken every four to six hours, which you may like if you want to feel like you are getting renewed relief. Since you may or may not need to top-up in these timeframes, it may be more difficult to know how much solution you’ll need, which could be a pain when planning for a trip away or when budgeting for the treatment.

Nasal sprays

Hayfever Help: Treatments On A Budget 3Hayfever nasal sprays have an anti-inflammatory effect, stopping the inside of your nose becoming inflamed and sore. They are not designed to be used for prolonged periods of time, and you should refer to the packaging for restrictions on how many times a day to use them.

Eye drops

Like nasal sprays, these target a particular site of your hayfever reaction to offer relief where you need it. They’ll help with the redness, itchiness and wateriness associated with the condition.

Whatever your budget, there’s no need to suffer in the summer months!

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