New Year, New Plan

New Year, New Plan

by David Redmond on 11 Jan, 2012

Christmas has come and gone. The New Year has begun. People across the UK are looking back over 2011 and forward to 2012.
So it’s the ideal time for people to ‘make sure they’re on top of their debts and their finances in general’, as Think Money advises in a guide entitled New Year money guide.
The press release actually looks at a few different situations people can find themselves in at the start of a new year.
Some people, it says, are doing quite well financially and can save a lot of money by paying their debts off more quickly. Some debts – like credit cards – can easily be overpaid, and the more quickly they’re paid off, the less they’ll cost in interest in the long run.
Other borrowers are repaying multiple debts all at once, and might want to consider consolidating them with a new loan – an idea which an online debt consolidation calculator could help them explore.
And some people will realise they’re in worse financial shape than they thought, and might have to talk to their lenders about making some changes to the way they’re repaying the money they owe.
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