Insurance & Compensation Culture In A World Where Cash Is Needed

by Rebecca Hall on 2 Aug, 2012

It has long been held a common belief that in the current consumer society, that many people claim fraudulently on their insurance or claim compensation when it is not strictly merited.

We’ve all heard it right?

How many adverts on television have you seen that encourage the purchase of insurance, with big sums quoted for accidents in the workplace, in public, even in the comfort of your own home?

“Have you had an accident in the workplace? Have you had a slip or fall that wasn’t your fault? Do YOU KNOW that you could be entitled to thirty seven million pounds sterling for every time you stub your toe on the office desk? You didn’t? Then call us now on 0800-Dial-a-Compo”.

For the thousands upon thousands (and yet more) of people who often need a sum of cash in order to get something done, clear a debt, “steady the ship”, invest, shop, even eat, or any number of things, a multitude of reasons why cash would be needed, oftentimes these insurance advertisements can be too tempting, the prospect of cash for something fairly innocuous.

Don’t get me wrong; there are plenty of genuine cases out there. Many people have serious accidents befall them in the workplace, or any number of places in which they are injured and not to blame for the accident. Many people’s quality of life suffers as a direct result of this. Many are unable to work for a given time, and their cashflow suffers. Some never work again. Many people are permanently affected by it.

These people undoubtedly deserve the compensation, and it would be both heartless and wrong to suggest otherwise. Compensation exists for a reason, and that reason is to secure justice and quality of life for those who befall circumstances that affect them when they are not to blame.

However, there is also a culture of people claiming for accidents that occur that cause them next to no harm whatsoever, and profiting handsomely from it.

Firstly, it is illegal; secondly, if caught trying to defraud your employers or insurance company you will harm your potential of future employment and your prospects. It is not a good move.

For many, quick access to cash is needed, but in the current financial climate, in a time of great debt, banking catastrophes and the credit card culture, it is becoming increasingly harder to secure loans from bank managers.

Logbook loans can be the answer. These loans are an increasingly popular means of securing fast cash without the standard lengthy credit checks, the hassle, the waiting period, the stress. It is a straight forward procedure in which, to put simply, the logbook of a vehicle owner (essentially the ownership document of a vehicle) is given to the lenders as collateral against the loan given out, and without further ado, the logbook is returned promptly to the owner upon repayment of the loan. Different time periods in which to repay the loan can be given, depending on circumstances, the time in which the borrower will be able to pay and whatnot. Logbook loans are such a simple, straight forward procedure that more and more young people, professionals, families and ever increasing numbers of all types of people are turning to logbook loans as a great means of securing that capital which is needed.

Plenty of people simply need quick access to cash in the short term, to achieve short term goals, clear debts or invest in something; people that can repay the logbook loan back later. There is nothing shameful in this; I’m sure many of us have been in a situation at one time or another where we need that quick fix but are simply unable to produce the sum needed at that given moment.

It is a common story.

Compensation culture can be a dangerous thing. Many people have been caught in this fraudulent activity, and their quality of life thereafter directly suffers as a result of it. For those in need of quick access to cash who are unable to raise the necessary sum at that given – needed – moment, a logbook loan is an extremely effective, hassle-free and increasingly popular means of acquiring the necessary funds to get done what needs doing!

As more and more people are deemed ineligible for bank loans, increasing numbers of those people – of all ages, from all walks of life – are turning to logbook loans as an effective and fast means with which to secure fast access to short term funds, without the usual hassle, lengthy process and duress.

Don’t rely on fraudulent claims. If YOU need access to funds in the short term, there are plenty of viable and ethical alternatives out there, and logbook loans can be one very effective and reliable solution.

About the Author

Rebecca Hall

Rebecca Hall worked as an independent mortgage adviser for 10 years before turning to financial journalism full time. She has strong links to the CAB advising families on mortgage refinancing.