Getting Debts Under Control

Knowing you have a tidy pile in the bank can help you to feel relaxed, even if you never have to touch the money. Simply having the reassurance that you have a nest egg to fall back on if the worst happens can make challenges far easier to deal with. However, a recent report has […]

Best Backpacker Insurance for Only £13!

The feeling of exploring the globe with only your backpack and your imagination for company is one that’s hard to beat. But seeking out new experiences and adventure can put you at risk of illness and crime. Most standard travel insurance policies aren’t adequate for backpackers so here at UK Money Market we’ve scoured the […]

Phil Jones of Brighton saved £245 on his modified 2003 Citroen Saxo VTS car insurance

Having a modified car can potentially increase your premium enormously. However, Phil Jones from Brighton found that if you are clever about it you can actually end up reducing your premium too. It’s not uncommon for the male population to desire a shiny, loud exhaust, a massive stereo, subwoofers, 19” alloys, chipped and uprated engine, […]

What’s the Best Dental Insurance

The fear of going to the dentist is enough to cover many people with cold sweat, leaving their palms sweaty and their stomach doing somersaults. But it’s not the thought of the drill that scares people. Nor is it the image of a masked man hovering over them, or even the possibility of a filling. […]

How Do Brits Save Their Money? See the Results Here.

How do some of us save money? From haggling in markets, to discount codes and more – err – unconventional methods (reusable toilet paper, anyone?) MyVoucherCodes looked at the good, the best and the downright strange ways people save the pennies. But what are the real facts and figures? Do people feel embarrassed about saving […]

Save Money on Foreign Currency

For many of us, before we travel abroad, currency exchange is the last thing we think about, resulting in a last minute dash to the Bureau de Change, which will often mean that you don’t get the best deals. There are a few things that you should keep in mind to ensure that you get […]

IT Advances Revolutionise Clothes Shopping Online and Offline

With London Fashion Week drawing to a close for 2012, the fashion industries’ focus is intertwining clothing design with technology innovation. When people think of IT jobs in the UK, big names like Cisco, Oracle and Apple may be the companies they first consider. However, technology is not a standalone sector. Innovations in IT filter […]

Strong Local Economy Means More Jobs in Edinburgh and Glasgow

The Central Belt of Scotland, particularly the major cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, enjoys a proportionally higher employment rate than most regions in the United Kingdom. Edinburgh and Glasgow have respectively the second and third highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita in the UK, after London. This is good news for residents as well […]

Why You Should Pay Off Your Credit Card

Much as everyone likes to pretend they have financial freedom, the truth is modern life would be a lot more difficult if it was not possible to borrow money. Whether it’s a mortgage for your dream home, a loan for your new car or to buy a new sofa, saving up would take a long […]