Savings and Banking

Getting Debts Under Control

Knowing you have a tidy pile in the bank can help you to feel relaxed, even if you never have to touch the money. Simply having the reassurance that you have a nest egg to fall back on if the worst happens can make challenges far easier to deal with. However, a recent report has […]

How Do Brits Save Their Money? See the Results Here.

How do some of us save money? From haggling in markets, to discount codes and more – err – unconventional methods (reusable toilet paper, anyone?) MyVoucherCodes looked at the good, the best and the downright strange ways people save the pennies. But what are the real facts and figures? Do people feel embarrassed about saving […]

Financial Advice for Women

It could be argued, very convincingly, that the current state of worldwide economic gloom has been caused by the greed and actions of a handful of men at the very top of the world’s banks. Indeed, each time the press runs a story about a trader who has lost millions, or even billions, by gambling […]

Why You Should Pay Off Your Credit Card

Much as everyone likes to pretend they have financial freedom, the truth is modern life would be a lot more difficult if it was not possible to borrow money. Whether it’s a mortgage for your dream home, a loan for your new car or to buy a new sofa, saving up would take a long […]

UK Money Market Tips For Reducing Landline Phone Bills

Last year saw a watershed in the telecommunications market as the number of voice calls made from mobiles exceeded the number of voice calls made from fixed landlines. And despite being a shrinking market, it seems that landline providers are trying to make up the losses by implementing price hikes – some of which have […]

Travelling Within the UK – Using the Railways Could Save You Money

With vast numbers of people travelling across the UK every day, solid transport networks are vital. For some time, it became the choice of business people travelling throughout the UK to hop on a cheap flight whenever they could. If a flight wasn’t available, they’d jump in the car instead. But times are changing and […]

Should You Save or Invest?

Deciding whether to invest or save your hard-earned money is always tricky. Investing is generally considered to be a riskier option, while building up a savings account is safer but with smaller returns. With interest rates low and predicted to stay that way, returns on traditional savings accounts are poor, though you can use sites […]

The Price You Pay For Puppy Love

The idea of sharing your life with a furry friend may seem irresistible, with a pair of soulful brown eyes staring adoringly up at you and little paws pattering around your home. Whilst there is no denying that getting a dog can be an absolute delight, the costs involved can be a significant strain on […]

7 Ideas To Help You Make It Through Financial Difficulties

With the country still in a recession and inflation stealing much-needed money from people’s wallets, it is hardly surprising that debt continues to be a major issue for many Brits. According to the latest statistics, households across the country pay out a whopping £172 million in interest payments alone every day. One person will become […]

Best Saver Accounts – The Most Financially Secure Ways You Can Grow Your Money

Putting money aside into a saving account is always a good idea, although with the current global economic crisis financial security is much more of a pressing concern. However, with the range of savings account available, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to put your money in order to get the best return […]