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To QROPS professionals, it’s obvious that HM Revenue & Customs is conducting a systematic review of providers with a view to weeding out the rogues. Every now and then a scheme disappears off the list only to re-emerge phoenix-like a week or two later with a clean bill of health. The reason is usually an […]

Best Pension Schemes Around?

Best Pension Schemes

by David Tamplin on 1 Apr, 2014

Everybody reading this will be at a different point in their life, but every one of you should be thinking about your pension. Whatever your age, you are never too old or too young to be planning for the future. The average age of a UK resident is 38.6 years old; if you’re a man […]

Choose With Care For a Rewarding Retirement

When it comes to choosing a provider for your Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (Qrops) the question of where they operate is just as important as how they operate. Some jurisdictions are regulated to a very high standard, offer enticing tax benefits and are painstakingly careful to comply with the conditions required by HM Revenue […]

Gibraltar – Top of the QROPS?

There is much to consider when looking at retiring abroad. Top of the list is often climate, proximity to loved ones and the availability of a cup of tea, but for those of retirement age, the quality of Qualifying Registered Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) is one of the main concerns. As such, if a country […]

5 Facts Many People Don’t Know About Annuities

In this tough economic climate, many of us are forced to seriously consider our finances for when we reach retirement. However, many people are unaware of annuities – what they are, why we need them and the options that are available when it comes to purchasing annuities. Your annuity will effectively shape your retirement, in […]

Is a SIPP Right for You?

For many people, retirement may be a daunting prospect. This is because the state pension, which will provide little over £100 a week, may not afford you the standard of living that you have become accustomed to. Consequently, how much you enjoy your retirement can depend on the steps taken to supplement your pension before […]

The Rise, Fall and Rise Again of Equity Release

Equity release has long had a bad reputation, and perhaps quite rightly so. During the 1980s, equity release was sold to thousands of people, and due to a sharp fall in house prices, many people were left in a situation of negative equity. At the end of the policy, properties were sold and the proceeds […]

Best Pension Investments – UK Money Market Takes A Look

It can’t have escaped your notice that we all need to be putting more money aside for our future. With the population growing, the government say that the state pension scheme is unsustainable and that the country isn’t far away from a situation where the state can’t provide enough money for people to live on. […]

Keep Your Savings Intact With A Pre Paid Funeral

If you’re lucky enough to have some savings in the bank, you may have thought about just leaving them there to cover things like funeral expenses when you die and to leave money for loved ones. Since funerals aren’t an everyday occurrence in people’s lives, it’s easy to lose touch when it comes to how […]

SIPP: Pensions With Freedom Of Choice

The pensions industry has attracted much negative news in recent years. Whether it is the government clawing back pension schemes or mis-selling by overzealous financial advisers, pensions have not enjoyed a good press. You could be forgiven for wondering whether it is worthwhile investing hard-earned cash into a pension scheme at all, particularly given the […]