Catalogue Accounts Adding To Financial Strain

With the financial squeeze putting pressure on family finances all around the country, it can be difficult to scrape together enough cash to pay for things such as furniture, clothes and shoes. And whilst credit such as payday loans is continuing to explode in popularity, there are other tried and tested ways of paying for […]

Notorious Cases of Insurance Fraud

If you were asked to name a career in insurance, you’d probably answer ‘salesman’: it’s the most prominent aspect of the industry in pop culture, whether it’s being joked about or acted out. But there are plenty of careers in the insurance industry which aren’t sales-based, including actuarial roles, analyst positions, and more! In fact, […]

IT Advances Revolutionise Clothes Shopping Online and Offline

With London Fashion Week drawing to a close for 2012, the fashion industries’ focus is intertwining clothing design with technology innovation. When people think of IT jobs in the UK, big names like Cisco, Oracle and Apple may be the companies they first consider. However, technology is not a standalone sector. Innovations in IT filter […]

Strong Local Economy Means More Jobs in Edinburgh and Glasgow

The Central Belt of Scotland, particularly the major cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, enjoys a proportionally higher employment rate than most regions in the United Kingdom. Edinburgh and Glasgow have respectively the second and third highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita in the UK, after London. This is good news for residents as well […]

Why the UK is Teaching the World How to Sell Cars

In many ways, it was inevitable that the second hand car market would one day be as vibrant, bustling and exciting as it is today. With advancements in mechanics increasing both the reliability and resale potential of cars, even years after they were first registered, and with economic circumstances forcing consumers to revaluate their requirements, […]

Time For Tea (well it’s Friday afternoon, isn’t it)

It’s a Friday afternoon so just for fun, we’re publishing this fun inforgraphic all about the tea customs of the past and present. Uk Money Market particularly likes the ‘Stir and swirl’ section at the bottom because ‘it is considered rude to swirl one’s tea in wide circular motions’. Enjoy.

The Financial Benefits of Serviced Offices

Serviced and virtual office spaces bring a number of advantages that make many company owners choose this option over the selection of traditional office purchase. The financial benefits are one of the factors that determine the popularity of virtual and serviced offices. Some Facts and Figures According to the Global Serviced Office Review 2011, there […]

MY 13 VAN: Registration Unlucky For Some?

Superstitious motorists hoping that the UK Government may extend the vehicle licence plate ‘62’ registration, about to be introduced from the 1st September 2012, for another six months, thereby avoiding the need to purchase vehicles with a ’13’ registration, are going to be out of luck. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is to […]

University of Exeter Team Victorious in CIMA Global Business Challenge

A team of young students from the University of Exeter have conquered all in their path to win the Business Challenge (GBC) hosted in Sri Lanka by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. The red-hot business minds of Kate Beattie, Adam Boadbent, Ronald Liong and Ben White made up the Exeter team ‘The Indivisibles’ who […]

Why Get A Degree? It’s All About The Surroundings

University fees are rising, purse strings are getting tighter and unemployment is high. With so many graduates flooding job centres and filling in job application forms by the thousand, it seems reasonable to cast away the idea of going to uni and getting a degree – there’s no guarantee that it will be good value […]