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Can Studying Later In Life Open New Doors?

Can Studying Later In Life Open New Doors?

by David Tamplin on 1 Apr, 2014

Some of us are lucky enough to have a career where options keep opening up, but that’s not always the case; sometimes you want to change direction completely later in life. You may be put off by the need to update your skillset and even complete new qualifications. However, it’s easier than ever to study […]

Just landed that dream job? Well it’s a good idea to check out other employee benefits and policies before anything possibly goes wrong. It’s better to be informed now as accidents do happen whether in the workplace or out in public. At work your employer has certain obligations to abide by which involve informing and […]

Starting a Business – What Are Your Options?

If you’re planning to go into business, one of the things you’ll need to think about is what kind of company you want to form. This decision affects a variety of things, from how much tax you pay to your responsibilities as a director, so it shouldn’t be made lightly – take the time to […]

Top 5 Worst Bosses – Are You One Of Them?

Nobody wants to be a bad boss – but when you’re running your own business, the pressure of your situation and the difficulty of communicating your vision to employees can make things difficult. So, you snap, or make mistakes, or start to obsess about performance; a hundred niggling things which can make your employees’ working […]

IT Advances Revolutionise Clothes Shopping Online and Offline

With London Fashion Week drawing to a close for 2012, the fashion industries’ focus is intertwining clothing design with technology innovation. When people think of IT jobs in the UK, big names like Cisco, Oracle and Apple may be the companies they first consider. However, technology is not a standalone sector. Innovations in IT filter […]

Strong Local Economy Means More Jobs in Edinburgh and Glasgow

The Central Belt of Scotland, particularly the major cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, enjoys a proportionally higher employment rate than most regions in the United Kingdom. Edinburgh and Glasgow have respectively the second and third highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita in the UK, after London. This is good news for residents as well […]

Gambling Goes Mobile

Gambling Goes Mobile

Gone are the days when gambling was a purely ‘dogs and races’ activity that took place in a local betting shop. Today, betting is an international multi-million pound industry no longer confined to the daytime opening hours of the betting shop. Deregulation under the last Labour government in the UK allowed gambling to become a […]

Social Media Jobs Growth Highlighted in Salary Guide

Social Media Jobs Growth Highlighted in Salary Guide

Leading US internet marking staffing company Onward Search has produced an infographic that demonstrates the growing opportunities available to those looking for social media jobs. As companies become ever more interested in presenting themselves online in a positive light, hiring the right staff to make it happen becomes increasingly important. Considering the already vast – […]