Uncertainty In Egypt Means Time To Look Again At Insurance

Uncertainty is always an unwelcome bedfellow as far as the business community is concerned. Business owners in Egypt have had a difficult couple of years given the changes that have swept through the wider Middle East and their own country in particular. It’s at times like these that thoughts inevitably turn to the vexed question […]

Best Redundancy Insurance from £3 a Month

More people than ever are protecting themselves and their families in case they are ever made redundant. You may not want to think about it, but in the tough economic climate, unemployment and redundancy figures are through the roof and if your income suddenly stops, you may not be able to provide for your family. […]

Say Cheese - Best Camera Insurance UK 3

Say Cheese – Best Camera Insurance UK

With digital camera technology at their fingertips, everybody is now a mini David Bailey. But most digital cameras cost hundreds of pounds with the equipment – bags, tripod, lenses etc. – running at many hundreds more. If your camera cost a packet, then you’ll need insurance cover in case it gets lost, stolen or damaged. […]

Best Boat Insurance Investigated

Whether you own a grand yacht or a humble dinghy, you need to make sure that you are fully insured against any mishaps. Maritime insurance has been around in the UK for over 400 years in one form or another but it can be hard to find the best boat insurance. Here at UK Money […]

Best Backpacker Insurance for Only £13!

The feeling of exploring the globe with only your backpack and your imagination for company is one that’s hard to beat. But seeking out new experiences and adventure can put you at risk of illness and crime. Most standard travel insurance policies aren’t adequate for backpackers so here at UK Money Market we’ve scoured the […]

Phil Jones of Brighton saved £245 on his modified 2003 Citroen Saxo VTS car insurance

Having a modified car can potentially increase your premium enormously. However, Phil Jones from Brighton found that if you are clever about it you can actually end up reducing your premium too. It’s not uncommon for the male population to desire a shiny, loud exhaust, a massive stereo, subwoofers, 19” alloys, chipped and uprated engine, […]

Best Ski Insurance Recommendations

Travel insurance is always important, no matter where you travel, as the unexpected disasters that strike can ruin your holiday and your finances if you don’t have adequate protection. Unfortunately not everybody takes travel insurance, instead placing their hopes firmly in the ‘everything will be OK’ corner, and a lot of the time, thankfully, everything […]

Why You Cannot Afford NOT to Have Employer’s Liability Insurance

Why You Cannot Afford NOT to Have Employer’s Liability Insurance

Legislation and the cost of avoiding litigation are frequently cited as barriers to growth for small businesses. Health and Safety, Employees Rights and Public Liability Insurance can all put a strain on the finances and ability to run a business effectively. Employers’ Liability Insurance might be perceived as yet another burden for the long suffering […]

Notorious Cases of Insurance Fraud

If you were asked to name a career in insurance, you’d probably answer ‘salesman’: it’s the most prominent aspect of the industry in pop culture, whether it’s being joked about or acted out. But there are plenty of careers in the insurance industry which aren’t sales-based, including actuarial roles, analyst positions, and more! In fact, […]

The Best Wedding Insurance – Surprisingly Cheap

Though it can sound like a well-worn cliché, your wedding day truly should the very best day of your life. It is the day that you stand in front of your family, friends and the person who you want to spend the rest of your life with and tell the world how much you love […]