You may be looking to sell your house; or maybe renting out a property; or perhaps thinking ahead to a time in the future when it is likely be more advantageous to sell. Increasing your property value through simple redecorating tasks is a sound investment idea. Most people, when considering how to increase their property […]

The bottom line for any bank or financial institution which lends money to anyone is: what is the risk of default on the loan, and how much money will they make from the deal. Ultimately a creditor is a business that needs to make money just like any other. If they feel that you will […]

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How To Use Credit Control To Keep Your Cashflow Healthy

It’s no secret that the recession is hurting small businesses. As consumers tighten their belts, B2C enterprises are seeing their revenues drop off, and this lack of cash is slowly filtering upstream to B2B services. Large corporates are often best placed to weather any financial storm, with plenty of credit available and deep pockets to […]

Scottish Property Bucks The Trend For Homes in Glasgow and Edinbugh

Scottish Property Bucks The Trend

As Britain enters a double dip depression for the first time since the 1970s, Scottish property prices are reported to be rising amid increased home sales, particularly at the high end of the market. According to the latest figures released by Registers of Scotland (RoS), Glasgow City recorded the highest quarterly sales volume with 1,570 […]