Saving Money Tips for Women

by Simon Carter on 2 Aug, 2015

A recent report, published in the Daily Telegraph, claims that women are responsible for opening the majority of savings accounts, but that men are likely to put more away. The report, commissioned by Halifax, goes on to say that 57% of Fixed Term Account, 53% of Instant Access Accounts and 55% of ISAs are opened […]

Should I Use My Savings To Repay My Mortgage?

Should I Use My Savings To Repay My Mortgage?

by Simon Carter on 5 Apr, 2014

Savings or Mortgage? There’s no doubt that the recession has hit a large number of people in many different ways, affecting everybody from the unemployed to self-employed and from the common worker to the entrepreneur. Another group of people who have not been left unscathed by the uncertain economic climate is homeowners with savings. Being […]

Laptop Insurance for the Price of a Latte!

Along with our phones and our TVs, laptops have quickly become the one thing that we can’t live without. If it is lost, stolen or damaged, a laptop can be expensive to replace and most home insurance policies don’t automatically cover expensive electronics. Don’t worry though, UK Money Market have rounded up the best laptop […]

The Best Travel Insurance for Pregnant Women

We have spoken before on UK Money Market about the importance of travel insurance and how to find the best cheap travel insurance. Like any insurance, travel insurance is something that you hope you will never need but it is an important safety net in case of disaster and is invaluable should anything threaten to […]

Making our home more energy efficient

Making Our Home More Energy Efficient

It’s almost the season to be jolly! But unfortunately it’s also the season for big bills and high-energy consumption, none of which make anyone particularly jolly. The rising cost of both gas and electric may have got you thinking about what you can do to make your home more energy efficient. This is great, and […]

Contactless Credit Cards

Contactless Credit Cards: Are They The Future?

In 2011, fewer than half of the population were able to identify the universal contactless symbol or explain what it means. Research conducted last year showed that 84% of the public now knew what the symbol was, with consumers in London and the North West leading the way. The study also highlighted a shift in […]

Millions Of Brits Ignore Bills And Statements

Millions Of Brits Ignore Bills And Statements

Around 6 million Brits (12%) don’t always open important bills or financial statements Many people ignore bills because they “never contain good news” But 25% of those who don’t open bills intend to read them, but forget Nobody likes seeing another bill landing on their doormat – but it seems that many of us can’t […]

Making Your Money Go Further In 2013

Making Your Money Go Further In 2013

As the fireworks and celebrations of New Year’s pass, it’s time for many people to start thinking about finances for 2013. Times are still tough economically and after the big expense of Christmas, the year’s early months need to be conducted on a tight budget. So for any households that have put money on the […]

consolidate debts

Best Practises In Family Finances

Whether you are comfortable with your finances, or are just scraping by, taking the time to get on top of your household budget is an important step. Cancel subscriptions Research has shown that many people forget to cancel standing orders and direct debits and can go on paying for unwanted or unused subscriptions for prolonged […]

Tips For Creating A Holiday Budget

Tips For Creating A Holiday Budget

Money can be a controversial subject when it comes to holidays – your primary concern is to enjoy yourself so the discussion of money can be a bit of a sore point. But, budget is important so if you work out your budget before you go, there will hopefully be no nasty surprise bills when […]