Credit and Loans

Catalogue Accounts Adding To Financial Strain

With the financial squeeze putting pressure on family finances all around the country, it can be difficult to scrape together enough cash to pay for things such as furniture, clothes and shoes. And whilst credit such as payday loans is continuing to explode in popularity, there are other tried and tested ways of paying for […]

The Side Effects of Debt and How You Can Treat Them

As Brits, we’re famous for being prudish when it comes to talking about money – even more so when it comes to discussing the taboo subject of personal debt. With 80% of adults in the UK in the red right now, our personal debt is the elephant in the room in most households. But ignoring […]

Why You Should Pay Off Your Credit Card

Much as everyone likes to pretend they have financial freedom, the truth is modern life would be a lot more difficult if it was not possible to borrow money. Whether it’s a mortgage for your dream home, a loan for your new car or to buy a new sofa, saving up would take a long […]

New Car Or Flat Deposit? A Personal Loan Could Be The Answer

There are few more expensive purchases in a lifetime than a home and a car. With the housing market in flux due to the double-dip recession, more consumers are steering clear of such large purchases in favour of waiting to discover when the economy will recover. Chancellor George Osbourne recently announced an initiative to give […]

Bridging the Financial Gap

Bridging the Financial Gap

Following one of the most credit rich periods through the late 90’s up to 2007/8, we are living through a time where borrowing has become highly restricted and for a great many people almost impossible to obtain. Without going through a history lesson, we are now paying the price for the years of plenty and […]

How To Decide If Bankruptcy Is Right For You

With the UK back in recession and austerity measures affecting homes up and down the country, many individuals are struggling to find enough money to pay all their bills. But when does scrimping and saving become more serious than simply tightening your belt? There comes a point when it is more sensible to hold your […]

What to Do If You Get Turned Down For a Loan

Firstly, what not to do; and that is panic. Many people are turned down for loans these days as the fallout from the worldwide credit crunch hits high street banks and other financial institutions. However, there are a number of options open to you. There are specialist loan companies who will offer unsecured loans for […]

A Guide to Prepaid Cards

A Guide to Prepaid Cards

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably experienced your child pestering you to do a spot of online shopping on their behalf. If your pride and joy has hit their hyper-social teenage years, it’s likely you’ve also fretted about them going out and becoming stranded after running out of cash. The worry increases if your child […]

Battering Your Bank Balance – The Rising Cost of Fish & Chips

Fish and chips is as British as queuing and although the health and safety brigade no longer allow it to be served wrapped in newspaper, it remains a tasty treat that can be enjoyed equally, whether you are on the seafront or relaxing at home in front of the TV. In the Second World War, […]

How Can I Improve My Credit Rating?

Improving your credit rating can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be. This article will provide a number of helpful hints and tips that make the process of applying for credit much easier and effective. 1. Ensure all applications are completed correctly It may sound obvious, but ensuring that applications are completed […]